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Kentucky Personal Statement Essay

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Are there lines of reasoning behind decisions of the Supreme Court justices? Why have Congressional statutes so frequently been overturned during Rehnquist's tenure? How does public law impact how legislative decisions and resolutions are written, and how do the federal courts and the Supreme Court, in particular, shape the paradigms within which we live? These are the types of questions that are important to our daily lives, but are rarely contemplated by most people. I see public law and the comparative study of judicial systems as crucial fields of study through which scholars can develop constructive answers.. Consequently, while I am highly interested in most subfields of political science, public law and public policy have been my preferences since I learned about them at Temple University. My long-term goals would ideally culminate in teaching at a liberal arts college, where I could both research and conduct new studies, as well as help to parlay my knowledge towards helping other students who would be in a position that I have been in the last five years.My studies at Temple University have contributed to my knowledge of political science through the enormous variety of available courses and my general observations of Temple's academic communities. Reading Tom Keck's book, The Most Activist Court in History, that examines why the Rehnquist court was so activist, even though it was considered to be a conservative court, raised questions for me about how best to define what it means to be "conservative" in relation to both public law and public rhetoric. Similarly, in Orfeo Fioretos' Globalization seminar, I learned about how much NGOs, other than the UN and WTO, impact our lives and help to create an environment that is more conducive to worldwide thought processes, some of which may revolve around what it means to be "conservative". A less intellectual opportunity to examine politics at Temple University came two years ago when our President, David Adamany, proposed to reduce the core curriculum by approximately fifty percent, creating an enormous outcry among faculty who did not want to see their major's core curriculum diminished. While people did not necessarily disagree with President Adamany's goals, they disagreed with his autocratic mannerisms. While faculty could have been considered "conservative, what they disagreed with were not David Adamany's goals, but rather, that most faculty believed that he did not involved the faculty sufficiently when making these decisions. While a new curriculum is being installed, Temple University has hired a new president, Ann Weaver Hart, who is seen as more willing to consult with faculty before making major decisions. All of these examples illustrate the difference between conservative style and actual content.My current...

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