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For Kenya, Agriculture Is A Life Or Death Matter

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Most economies in the world depend on commodities. The commodities that assist economies vary from country to country. Most countries use agriculture or natural resources to support their economy. Even though different countries may have different elements to support their economy, the general opinion around the world is that industrialization supports economies in a very efficient way. Even small amounts of industrialization can give a large boost to the economy as compared to the other elements that support the economy. Industrialization, though, is different for developed countries with developed economies than it is for developing countries. Many times, there is an absence of industrialization in developing countries or underdeveloped countries, so it is a good thing if they have other elements to rely on to support their economies.
In the case of the continent of Africa, most of the countries are underdeveloped. Therefore, there is little industrialization, so they look to other elements of natural resources and agriculture to support their country’s economy. In the case of Kenya, unfortunately, there is not much in the way of natural resources to fall back on to help support them, so Kenya has to rely almost solely on agriculture as its main means of support for the country and also for its people. This means that for a country like Kenya, agriculture is a life or death matter. The country can either prosper through agricultural means, if given a considerable amount of attention, or it can constantly struggle or even fail if a significant amount of attention is not given to its department of agriculture. Agriculture is the business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock. Without it, there would be no fruits, vegetables, or meat other than wild game and vegetation.
Agriculture in Kenya plays an even larger role than just that of food to eat. It is the most important economic mainstay of that country. For a country as poor as Kenya, economic planning with regard to agriculture is essential to their well-being. Without it, the survival of Kenya is almost impossible. It is not as simple as planting seeds and watching plants grow. Many supporting industries such as the fertilizer industry, the transport industry, and many refineries working together is required to efficiently incorporate agriculture into the economy. That means that Kenya, on its own, will have to plan a lot to give its economy a boost using only agriculture as its economic means of support. Because of this, the role of technology cannot be neglected. Research and development in the area of developing new crops and types of fertilizers that are most effective in all four weather seasons is a requirement of any country regarding agricultural economy, and Kenya is no exception. Large investments must be made which may appear to be eating up the short-term costs, but in the long run, they pay off very rapidly. This implies that the...

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