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Kenya: Country Overview Essay

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Kenya is a country situated in the East coast of Africa, along the equator, between Somalia and Tanzania and bordering the Indian Ocean. Its geographic co-ordinates are 1 000 N, 38 00 E. It has a total of 580,367 square metres (slightly larger than France) with 569,140 square metres of land and the rest, 11,227 square metres is water. Kenya is land bounded by five countries, Uganda (933 kilometres), Ethiopia (861 kilometres), Tanzania (769 kilometres), Somalia (682 kilometres) and Sudan (232 kilometres) adding to a grand total of 3,477 kilometres. Kenya is also bordering 536 kilometres of the Indian Ocean. So in total is bounded by 4,013 kilometres of sea and land.
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In the twelve nautical miles of ocean Kenya claims, there are coral reefs and a few small islands. In the rest of the eastern part of Kenya and three fifths of the northern area, it consists of semiarid, bushy hills, plains and low plateaus. Much of this area is bleak and barely inhabited. In the south- western side of Kenya, there are high plateaus and majestic mountains in which most of the inhabitants of Kenya live. This place is called the Kenya Highlands. The highlands are generally between 1,500 to 3,000 metres above sea level and are stippled with inactive volcanoes. Along with the towering mountains of Kenya, (Mount Kenya, 5,199 metres tall, Mount Elgon, 4,321 metres high) Kenya’s western side is also home to one arm of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, which is 48 to 64 kilometres wide and 600 to 900 metres deep.
Most of Kenya’s lakes are found in the Great Rift Valley. There are so many bodies of water here as there is no outward drainage, so none of the water can escape naturally, unless they evaporate. The adjoining shores, in separate lakes are one of the most humid of areas throughout Kenya. Kenya has a vast amount of water. The country owns, Lake Turkana, the largest body of water in the country, a part of Lake Victoria, a small section of Lake Stefanie (north), the tip of Lake Natron (south). The main rivers in Kenya are the Galana-Athi, and the Tana, both of which run from the Kenya Highlands to pool into the Indian Ocean. Smaller rivers such as the Mara and Nzoia...

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