Left Or Right Who Has More Brain Power To Learn

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brain is a very complex part of the body that has everything to do with daily life and the ability to learn. As many people do not understand there are two parts of the brain and each works completely different in how one will learn and retain information. Why is the brain such a complex system and has the ability to adapt to every situation. We are going to be looking at the Left and Right side of the Brain and how each hemisphere works from the time you are a child and starting to receive information and the brain as a whole. We will also be looking into the Right side of the brain and how it learns faster as the Left side retains information. There has been a lot of research and case studies on the brain and how different people from different back grounds learn based on ethnic groups such as the American Indians and how they learn different with their brain.
When trying to understand how the brain works you have to understand how complex the brain is and how well it adapts to the information that it receives and processes the information. The brain controls everything that you do from breathing to moving your arms and legs to emotions, as well as many other functions of the body. (Pritchard, 2009) The brain being a very complex, and has to be addressed in several different ways. No one person learns the same but information will be retained and stored as part of the learning process. An “example of this idea of variety is that based on the V-A-K description of learning styles by Levine (2003)” (Pritchard, 2009) Levine looked at this in a different light and that you can transform things with learning like changing verbal to visual. By changing these things up there are different approaches to how you retain information. With the brain being so complex you have to approach everyone different so that you still get everyone to learn the same information. With all the information that is taken into the brain you have to look at how it is processed and stored for learning and retaining the information that it has received.
As you look into the Right hemisphere of the brain it has been proven that this is the area of the brain is used for processing things like sounds with common things around. But this all starts in the early stages as an infant. The right side of the brain is what receives all information first and what makes pattern analysis. The right side of the brain also controls your emotions and is very important in early child hood development. (Burns, 2011) Where the right side of the brain has been proven to receive information, first educators have been looking at ways to teach focusing on the right side of the brain. Where the right side of the brain learns faster with shapes and sounds that has been a target for using visual aids to help teach. (Gallagher, UNK) The right side of the brain has been proven to be the side of the brain that deals with the whole picture where it receives all information first and processes it. ...

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