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Kevin Mitnick Essay

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Who Kevin Mitnick Is:
Kevin David Mitnick is a computer hacker and an American Computer Security Consultant. He was bought up in Los Angeles in the late 1970’s, this was the time when the personal computer industry was exploding. He was from a lower middle class family with his parents divorced at a very young age and was mainly a loner and an underachiever. He learnt and discovered the power to control over the telephone networks.

What He did:
During his time the underground culture of phone phreaks had already flourished over the years. He was able to commandeer a phone company’s digital central office switch by remotely dialling in by just using a personal computer and modem. ...view middle of the document...

After his return for several year he was underground after being accused of tampering with a TRW credit reference computer, arrest warrant issued but it sank without trace and explanations.
In the year 1987, he was convicted of stealing software from Santa Cruz Operation, a Software company in California and in December 1987 he was sentenced to 36 month probation.
In the year 1989 he was charged as a computer fraud and possession of unauthorized access devices for hacking into MCI and digital Equipment computers. In the 1992, he was charged for allegedly hacking into state department of Motor vehicles computers. He was then diagnosed with compulsive disorders. In the year 1995, he was convicted of many fake cellular phones and false identity. At the time of his arrest he was the most wanted criminal in United States. In the year 2003 after his probation was over he was denied from all the communication technologies and was allowed landline. After long years of hacking Kevin has his own Security Consulting firm called Mitnick Security Consulting L.L.C.

PGP Encryption
Security tool which is used to protect data from and external or unauthorized factor. It protects data the email by encrypting the data in the hard disk. The encrypted data can be transmitted over a network, send or shared among each other. The PGP is hashing algorithm which combines with data compression along with public key as well as private key in cryptography, this is taken by from many algorithms.
The major difference between PGP encrypted email and the normal email is that the PGP encrypted email is have been encrypted by the private key messages of cryptography and it behaves as a commanding agent on the basis of the email agent between the server and the network.
On being configured with the email agent it acts as an encrypt, decrypt and verification of all sorts of messages from the email server. The encrypted message received in the email will be a mixture of alphanumerical values more like a chain of matrix. This makes the email a secure...

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