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Kevlar: Beneficial Or Dangerous? Essay

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In this modern age we have numerous man made materials and more commonly used in our everyday lives, man made plastic materials. Almost all modern day plastics are derived from petroleum and can have negative effects on not only on our enviroment but also on our body’s. Kevlar is one of these man made plastics and it has many benefits but also many faults. Do kevlar’s benefits out way its faults? Are these benefits sometimes used to disguise the many problems with this product? Kevlar with its harmful and beneficial side effects have been discussed since the products was first introduced.

Kevlar was first synthesized in 1964 by Stephenie Kwolek in Wilmongton, USA. This products is formed by combining Phenylendiamine and Terephthaloylchlor, the product of bonding these two togetehr is a aromatic polyamide. Kevlar is made up of basic units of monomer bringing together trans conformations. This provides a naturally occuring parallel structure ...view middle of the document...

It is a very useful material and is used all around the world, it is used not only in protecting lives but also exploring ner places unknown to man. This product also has no dirrect effect on the enviroment and is usually blended with ether glass of graphite. It is used in bullet proff vests protecting the lives of the people that protect their contry. Kelvar is also used in spaceships letting us discover new plantes and things about our universe. Kevlar is not only fire proof but it also the unique feature of self-extinguishing, this is why it is chosen for rought work. With all of these benefits its hard to believe that Kevlar has any faults at all but like all products it does have its weaknesses.

Kevlar is strong there is no doupt about that but Kevlar isn’t good with compression, this is where its strength fails. This material is also at times difficult to work with being both difficult to cut but can also chaff and cause rashes when wearing it. With Kevlar there is also the talk of money since it does not come cheap, it is much more expensive then others in its field. Even though it is used in outdoor situations and is a favorite for bullet proof vests Kevlar is sensitive to the enviroment and absorbs moisture very easily. There is also the problem that it is mainly used in war there is the ethical concern. Should it still be produced if it is used in such a controversial way? Kevlar can also be very harmful to the manufactures, the production process of Kevlar contains HCL a very dangerous acid that can harm anything it touches. This product is full of faults but are they worth it to have its benefits as well?

Kevlar is a truly wonderful material helping out in our society in numerous ways. With it is also carried the burden of its possibly dangerous use and production. Kevlar seems like the miracle material that can do just about anything but it also has little faults thrown in there with it that most of the world does not know about. Does the benefits of Kevlar out weigh its negativd effects? Would you use this product now knowing the possible dangers it causes to the people who make it? Kevlar will always be one of those controverisial products that is either used by many or not used at all.

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