Key Concepts And Terms Of Organizational Behavior

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Learning to manage any organization successfully can be difficult, but without learning the essentials of behavior within any organization, it is almost impossible. Learning to understand people's behavior within an organization would allow any person in a managing position to increase their understanding of his or her workers, their company, and making both work together effectively. There are many key concepts and terms related to organizational behavior, and each are much more complicated than they seem. They include organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and organizational learning.Organizational behavior is "the study of human behavior in organizations. It is a multidisciplinary field devoted to understanding individual and group behavior, interpersonal processes, and organizational dynamics." (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, 2005, p. 3) If a person can understand organizational behavior and the interconnectedness between the workers, the company, the product, and the consumer then his or her company will be more successful. However, organizational behavior is a complicated mixture of concepts and as such has many parts that require their own interpretation.One of those concepts is organizational culture. Organizational culture "is the shared beliefs and values that influence the behavior of organizational members." (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, 2005, p. 9) Organizational culture is essentially the environment of the workplace, and it depends on the behaviors, beliefs, and rules of the company and its workers as a whole. Any organization consists of more than one individual and each individual places his or her mark on that atmosphere. The environment in which any person works consists of a variety of people beliefs and behaviors. Depending on the type of people they are it can affect not only job satisfaction but also performance. Organizational culture is the key to a successful employee so long as it remains positive, supportive, and coincides with their individual beliefs. The company itself contributes to the overall culture of the organization but in a more flexible way. The company's goals, practices, and procedures all contribute to the culture of the organization. However, if the people within the organization are unhappy with them alterations can be made to make the situation more positive.Another key concept in the understanding of organizational behavior is diversity. Every one today knows about diversity and its effects upon society. There are many types of people who contribute to the diversity of an organization be it race, religion, physical disabilities, sex, sexual orientation, and numerous others. Many people in today's society still have a problem adapting to a diverse society. People have the ability to discriminate based on any number of characteristics, but people also have the ability to work together as a cohesive whole if they...

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1052 words - 4 pages "Organizational behavior, OB for short, is the study of human behavior in organizations" (Schermerh, Hunt, and Osborn, 2005, p. 17). Everybody reacts differently in different situations. The behavior in the organization is usually determined by the way the organization is being ran in general. If the managers are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, the organization is going to perform well. The employee's behaviors will be good for

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