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Key Escrowing: History And How It Affects You

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Key Escrowing: History and How it Affects You

Keys and key escrowing are important topics in the world of business today. If they are important in business why should you be concerned with them? This paper will cover what are private and public keys and key escrowing. It will discuss the benefits, disadvantages, issues of the past concerning these topics, and why you should have an interest in them.

Private & Public Keys

Private keys are mostly a thing of the past. They are simple and easy to have intercepted. The way private keys work is this: a message is written and encrypted by the sender using a key; next the receiver of the message is given the key along with the message; they are then able to decode what was written (Baase, 88). The problem with this is that there is really no need to encode the message. If you have to give the key to the receiver, why not just give them the message not encrypted?

Public keys provide much more security. In public key procedure, public and private keys are made. The public key is given to whoever would like to write an encrypted message. Once the message is encrypted and sent to the receiver, they use their private key to decode the message. Only the private key is able to decode. Not even the public key is able to decode what it just encoded (Baase, 95). If the encrypted document fell into the wrong hands, that person would have no way of deciphering it. Only the person possessing the private key has the ability to read the message. The government does not like this because illegal activities can be planned or talked about through this method without the government having any knowledge about it. That is why the government came up with the idea of key escrowing.

Key Escrowing

Key escrowing is a controversial topic with both benefits and disadvantages. Key escrowing is the government’s belief that everyone with keys should provide them to the government (Baase, 103). On the one hand this is good because the government would be able to monitor illegal or questionable activities for the safety of the country. On the other hand people see this as a breach of right to privacy. Another argument against key escrowing is how will it be enforced. Persons that are performing illegal activities are most likely not...

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