Key Ingredients To Leading A Good Life

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When a person or a loved one passes it is natural to wonder whether or not he or she lived a happy and fulfilling life. While one can make their own judgments and decide for oneself, I believe that there are a few aspects that are absolutely necessary to live a good life. While these assumptions beg for an answer to the definition of ‘happy’ and ‘good,’ our purposes in this paper are more generalized and I will not go into detail of their meanings. I will assume that our audience has a comprehensive view of these terms and their day-to-day implications. As I said, there are three aspects of life that are absolutely necessary in order for a human to live a good life; the length of one’s life, the presence of love, and the amount one’s progress or success throughout their lifetime.
The idea that our lives can be cut short is often times the push that people need to live their life to the fullest and truly enjoy every day. When a life is ended too soon our general reaction is to mourn the loss of not only the person but their unlived life. A person who loses their life too young will most certainly have missed out on several life changing events and experiences. The joys of parenthood are feelings that bring such happiness into people’s lives, but when a person dies without that opportunity one who has felt that joy will most likely feel nothing but sadness for the person who missed out. It is also human nature to attribute length of life to happiness. When a new pet dies as a baby one of a person’s first reactions is, “he was just a puppy,” or, “she didn’t even get to do…” We as a people are more content with death if it is accompanied with a long life and old age, as it has always been unsettling for us to witness a life ended young. Although there are exceptions to every rule and it is indeed possible to be content with a death when it happens sooner than expected, we are speaking in generalities, and generally a life that is short is not considered a good life.
Love being a fundamental necessity to a good life may strike you as odd or incomprehensible at first, but upon further explanation one will better understand its purpose in this short list. Have you ever attended a funeral and there was almost nobody present to pay respects? The overwhelming sadness that overcomes a person when they realize that a person could live a life with no loved ones and die alone is heartbreaking. A person must receive a great amount of love during its formidable and developmental years in order to become a fully functional and happy human being. Those who do not receive love will most likely be outcasts and loners, unable to form...

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