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Key Management For Multicast Groups Using Broadcast Encryption And Group Key Agreement

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Quantum network is the one of trusted model where confidential data is transferred in a transparent manner based on the principle of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) which provides a mechanism to exchange secret keys based on a security method that is rooted in the laws of physics [5]. Until now, quantum network is very well known and widely used for today communication due to the advantage of such quantum network rely on QKD for link key establishment which guarantees that it is impossible to compromise the network key distribution by direct attacks on the links. While, key management mechanism has been intensively investigated and immensely applied to secure communication. This strategies will definitely expand into the general population in the coming future. With its challenges, many countries have turned their attention to establish trusted quantum network to exploit the security of QKD for large scale practical communication based on an extremely high level of secret key transmission through a public network. Over recent years, DARPA quantum network testbed [6] was established that tried to incorporate QKD techniques into standard internet technology. Based on security model of DARPA quantum network, Virtual Private Network (VPN) technique, public key authentication, Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and symmetric ciphers were provided to maintain confidentiality and integrity. A few years later, The project 'Development of a Global Network for SEcure Communication based on Quantum Cryptography (SECOQC) [7] aims to pave the way for practical application of the QKD technology. The demonstration involved one-time pad encrypted telephone communication, a secure (AES encryption protected) video conference mainly rely on emerging sophisticated protocols. Consecutively on 2010, field test of quantum key distribution in Tokyo QKD network [8] was built to demonstrate eavesdropping attacks over unconditionally...

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