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Key Management For Multicast Groups Using Broadcast Encryptionand Groupkey Agreement

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The RSA algorithm is a public key encryption algorithm. In this algorithm, one user uses a public key and other user uses a secret (private key) key. In the RSA algorithm each station independently and randomly chooses two large primes p and q number and then multiplies them to produce n = pq which is the modulus used in the arithmetic calculations of the algorithm. The RSA algorithm is as follows

Select two large prime numbers p, q
n= p x q
v= (p-1) x (q-1)
Select small odd integer k relatively prime to v
gcd(k ,v) = 1
Compute d such that
(d x k) mod v = (k x d) mod v = 1
Public key is (k, n)
Private key is (d, n)
Output: n, d and k.
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Second, through Public key broadcast where the additional key i.e. private key is also generated. Here any member can act as broadcaster and sender. In Group key agreement [16], group members negotiate a secret key which is shared by them. There exists a group key for each group participating in multicast communication. Encryption is done based on the secret key. Tree based key management structure is adopted to depict the dynamics of the group and group dynamic information.

Fig.4. A Multicast Scenario
Fig.4 describes the overall view of the proposed system model. It describes about the process involved in a multicast communication. The key manager includes two responsibilities; they are Group management and Admission control. It distributes keys to the sending and receiving entities present in a multicast group. Using those distributed keys, they can participate in the group communication such as File transfer, chat. The Manager can track all the actions and events happening at instant session.
The key management technique is implemented for a multicast group, in such a way that group dynamic information is not revealed to the outside world. Secure transmission of data among multicast group is carried out with the proposed key management scheme which...

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