Key Organisational Behaviour Issues, The Impact They Have On Individuals And Team Work Curtin University Final Report

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In this report the reader will find my past experiences linked with the current organisational behaviour theories. I will be introducing the reader to three key organisational behaviour issues, the impact it has on individuals, and the team work, most importantly to the end result.
Communication – The transference and understanding of meaning (S.P.Robbins, 2003, P284). Perfect communication, if there was such a thing, would exist when a thought or idea was transmitted so that the mental picture perceived by the receiver was exactly the same as that envisioned by the sender.
Information Richness of Communication Channels is (See Exhibit 1) the amount of information that can be transmitted during a communication episode. It is very important to use the correct method of communication channels, if you want to get the end result. Scenario: “A group member sent me a draft of the poster presentation. Every second word was spelt wrong and showed no respect for grammar or the actual case study. I replied back with: Brilliant, please consider the following”. “I got a reply saying “Who do you think you are, a teacher?” I did not use the right channel of communication, that comment should have been discussed in person. The above illustrates the communication channel I chose was clearly wrong, and the recipient’s attitude and motivation thereafter was affected. That particular person I emailed did not connect to what I meant. I could have communicated my point clearly if we had agreed to meet up, because face to face communication allows both the sender and the receiver to communicate not only verbally, but the body language for someone who can understand it, speaks for itself. The things which we do not say are sometime more important. Hence: my body language, voice and facial expression would have clarified that I was just trying to be helpful and going directly to the point, I was not trying to create authority over that person. (Continues on appendix)
Attitude – evaluation statements or judgements concerning objects, people or events (S.P.Robbins, 2003, P284). There are thousands of attitudes, but I will investigate only one of them which I believe fits my experience and I can reflect upon, which is Job satisfaction.
Measuring job satisfaction is a complex summation, as there are different issues that make people have a positive or a negative attitude toward their job. Working condition, people in the group, communication method used in the group and leadership issues, all of these need to be taken into account before we conclude that we have a proactive team with a can do attitude. According to David Knights (2007, p. 50-60) There are two widely used method to gather this information, summation of job facets which is more complicated as it takes all the above into consideration and single global rating, simply asks all things considered, how satisfied are you with you group or job? You would think that asking...

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