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Key To Happiness Essay

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Keanu JacintoSavannahEnglish 102May 6th, 2014The Key to HappinessWhat is true happiness? How can it be obtained? Happiness is the ultimate goal of every human being. When realized, it is one of the best feelings that someone can experience. It is a relief of stress. It is balancing of everything in life in order to obtain enjoyment, pleasure, and satisfaction. Happiness is not usually an emotion that can come about for no reason. It is usually brought about by other feelings or circumstances that that benefit a persons life. As we live our lives and each pursue our own goals. We have one goal in common, the pursuit of happiness and though we may all experience it in different ways, in the end happiness is the feeling we all strive to obtain. "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." That is a famous quote about happiness, by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Happiness is a goal to be reached by everyone. Every thing that we work for or do is for the ultimate goal of being happy. It is at the end of every accomplishment and even though someone might not even think of it, without the goal of achieving true happiness people would have no reason to want to live. It is what keeps us going and working. A life without happiness is a life of sorrow, and is not life at all. The pursuit of happiness in ones life is one that is hard thing to describe. Being happy can come from many places. Upon achieving goals, happiness is always a feeling that follows. Also accompanied by happiness, is the feeling of love. When one is in love, it is because they have found someone that makes them feel good and happy inside. This is a feeling that everyone looks for and will hopefully find in their lifetimes. Happiness is a choice that has no negative effects that can be seen for the long run. Happiness is an emotion that can be very well described as the warm fuzzy feeling. When you are happy, you know it as well as everyone around you. The great feeling of being on top of the world.What does it mean to be happy? It seems that this is another one of those questions that no one knows the answer to, yet I am determined to find it. So what is happiness? What is it that makes us feel that certain feeling that none of us can really put our finger on. There many answers out there in this world, it can differ from each different individual. Of course there's the simple, boring response that any scientist can tell you. Happiness is an experience that we know happens when there are certain levels of different chemicals in our brains. These chemicals trigger a response somewhere in our nervous system, and we feel what we call "happy." Most believe that's what it is. Some say its religion that controls the mind to think they are happy. Karma possibly? People believe in so many things. This in fact does not solve our equation, this is definitely a mystery to follow and a deep search to find happiness is not all so easy...

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