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Business Research Project
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The following is a brief summary of my business research project. The purpose of this report is to understand the cultural differences which Chinese business students will be faced when they come to UK. The reason is that students need to adapt to different language language, adapt to the British teaching style, adapt to the British way of life. What is the solution for boys and girls in the face of cultural differences. Cultural differences are due to the cultural characteristics of the country, and cultural differences between countries are a natural phenomenon. Chinese students should correctly observe the cultural differences between China and Britain.
Key words: Chinese business students, cultural, language, communication.
1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Literature Review 3
3.0 Research Methodology 4
4.0 Data Analysis / Findings 9
5.0 discussion 13
6.0 Conclusion 14
7.0 References 15
1.0 Introduction
A large number of international students studying in the UK have attracted the attention of researchers and educators. The main question is how to create an inclusive learning atmosphere, promote positive cultural learning, and achieve cultural synergies between educational institutions (Kingston and Forland 2008; Robson and Turner 2007; Russell 2005). As we all know, the quality of education in UK takes the leader place in the world. So there are a large number of Chinese students choose to study in the UK every year. There are many barriers will be faced by Chinese business students. Language barriers are obvious in most students. In addition, Chinese business students still need to learn to adapt to UK teaching styles and the lifestyles. In this assessment, we have been interviewed six groups and total 30 students who are all Chinese business students and studying in the University of South Wales. They are more than 18 years old and only from one month to six months since they arrived in UK. There were some theoretical methods would be used, including SWOT analysis, project “ Milestomes”, Ontology, Epistemology, Interpretivism, Positivism, deductive, deductive, quantitative research and quantitative research. This is to explore the impact of cultural differences faced by Chinese business students when they come to England. In the course of a questionnaire survey, we designed some questions about communication, study habits, and lifestyles in order to more in-depth understand the students.
2.0 Literature Review
Culture has a lot of meaning, it is a sustainable concept of change, the culture itself is complex, dynamic and complementary (Morden, 1995). Culture is a specific feature and knowledge that can be defined in many ways, such as language, food, social customs (Zimmermann, 2015). It lives in the heart of mankind, and people are not consciously influenced by culture. Cultural adaptation can lead to failure because of different cultural...

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