Keyboards And Mice: The Future Essay

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This essay will discuss the evolution and revolution of the mouse and keyboard as known today, and whether touch screen technology and other peripherals will replace them as a superior. It will highlight the issues of both using a combination of the keyboard and the mouse and using a touchscreen to input data into computers. It will also briefly discuss the evolution of the mouse and the keyboard and how and when they were born into the world of computing.
First of all, the mouse is a computer peripheral device used to input data into the computer, and so is the keyboard. Whilst the mouse concentrates on picking items and choosing folders to open and buttons to press, the keyboard does all the typing and other functions such as print screening or controlling music using special button combinations. The mouse was invented in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart, who has made his first prototype using a wooden shell and two metal wheels, which he used on the Windows Operating System [1].
Whereas the keyboard is a device that is used to input characters and even can be used to navigate through the operating system. The keyboard was not directly invented but influenced slowly through a period of time, beginning from 1868 when the typewriter was invented. The typewriter has greatly influenced the keyboards of today. However, much after the typewriter was invented the world needed an input device that would be compatible with the technology of the time, so a couple of devices were created to aid people to input data into machines [2].
The view of the future and whether the mouse and keyboard is clear due to the many productions of Hollywood and how it shows how people will be able to interact with computers and input data into them. Starting from Voice commands and Holographic displays, the list is vast and is already in the making. Many can argue that the keyboard and mouse will be in 10 or 20 years the floppy disks of today, and we will look back at them as barbaric tools that made no sense. Many also argue that the layout of the original will forever be preserved and the keyboard will always exist and so will the mouse [3].
As science fiction and the companies of today work on making computer as effortless as possible, the goal that is being set for the future usage of computers can be possibly linked to neurosciences and the usage of our brains as devices of communication and telepathy[4]. Our brains are computers that are capable of amazing tasks, tasks that no computer of today is capable of, it can be considered to be able to store the equivalent of around nearly 100 TB of data [5]. However, one day that is in the near future, this will change and we will be probably out...

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