Keynote Address At The International Association Of Business

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Keynote Address at the International Association of BusinessCommunicators Conference in ChinaDistinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,It is a great pleasure to be speaking at the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) conference here in China. On behalf of the United States, it is a privilege to address you on the opportunities and challenges of being a global business manager in today’s global business environment.The world has clearly entered an era of unprecedented global economic activity that includes worldwide production and distribution, as well as increasingly large numbers of international joint ventures, multinational mergers and acquisitions, and global strategic alliances (Daft, 2007, p. 210). Examples of new global operations and alliances abound, with almost every major firm earning more from their global than from their domestic operations. For businesses to thrive in the twenty-first century they must build the capabilities demanded by an evolving global market. Successful multinational companies have ascertained that in order to remain competitive they must employ top-notch global business managers to handle the challenges associated with global enterprise; with these challenges, many positive opportunities continue to emerge (Adler, 2008, pp. 5-8). Before we delve into these opportunities and challenges, let’s first take a look at the core responsibilities of a global business manager.Global business managers are first and foremost responsible for expanding the organizations global-scale efficiency and economies of scope. A global business manager successfully integrates worldwide operations by recognizing opportunities and challenges across national and functional boundaries as well as coordinating activities and linking capabilities across those barriers. An effective global business manager is a leading strategist, resource configuration architect, and worldwide coordinator. In the role of strategist, the business manager focuses on the integrations of production systems, as well as extends managerial reach by localizing and differentiating business systems while maintaining balance between local, regional, and global relationships; carefully evaluates potential partners’ services and expertise. In the role of architect, the business manager systematizes and configures resources and assets; brings order and organization to transactions taking place across national borders; interconnects key business capabilities across cultural barriers. Lastly, in the role of coordinator, the business manager analyzes and exploits product portfolio, market conditions, and competitive advantages; systemizes and integrates worldwide operations; and evades deteriorating sectors in order to preserve consumer allegiance, distribution control, and competitive flexibility (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 2003, p. 102).As you can easily discern from the numerous responsibilities of a global business manager, it is...

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