Keys To Be Successful In And Out Of College Eh 101 Essay

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Keys to being Successful in and out of College
Rhea Warren
EH 101: Written English I
Dr. Samantha Lay
September 28, 2017
As college students, graduate each year they are put into a workforce that impacts society while the majority are successful there are still those who struggle outside of college. Why are the successful ones doing so well out of college? It is because they have developed a strategy to prepare themselves on how to be truly successful in college. College students also need this strategy to properly use these skills they have acquired in the real world. Therefore, students should develop these skills to improve their success in their career.
Students observe their classmates also the teacher. If a teacher engages in uncivil behavior before a student he or she may get the wrong message on how to treat their teacher or their fellow classmates. An instructor should always be professional, he or she should evaluate what is going on with the student and how to deal with them appropriately. It will help a student in the future when they are in the working field to reflect on their college experience, and how they learned from it. Conflict is something normal in the workplace there are many types of conflict that arise in the workplace verbal abuse of coworkers or aggressive behaviors etc. Employment and management need a work environment free of inappropriate conduct just as a college setting to perform in a more productive manner. A student or a worker cannot be worried about inappropriate behavior at work they will be distracted. A student should now be able to handle this due to having similar situations in college and be able to perform in a productive manner. Another example, would not be participating in a classroom setting suppose student get assigned to work a project which translates into working in a team environment; this is a life skill a student needs to learn to adapt to different personalities, to accodomate diverse perspectives. Most careers require team collaboration for any project of scale to be accomplished, again it is essentially vital to learn to succeed in college and a work environment. Not being prepared to fail is a problem in our society a student will fail in college, and in the workplace. Each failure offers an opportunity to learn such as failing a test in college or they miss a promotional opportunity in the workforce. People are always inspired to work harder for a better outcome in the present...

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