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Keys To Success For Project Planning Trident Essay

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Running head: Keys to Success for Project Planning
Keys to Success for Project Planning
Trident University International
During the planning phase of any project, many would agree that there are key objectives that must be met in order to make a project successful. A secret receipt for success does not exist; however there are identifiable methods and techniques that can place a project in a better position for success. These keys to success for a project many vary from organization to organization based on the specific needs and requirements for the product or service to be delivered. “Project planning is the art and science of using the historical data, archived information, personal expertise, institutional memory, organizational knowledge, and project scope statement to predict a project’s resource expenditures, total cost, and duration.” (Rad, 2007) Some of the generalized keys to success for project planning include: well-defined charter, the project plan, execution methodology and most importantly, identification of the problem.
Organizations and project planners must work together to properly identify the appropriate implementation methodology for the project. An implementation methodology is not a one size fits all, and the project stakeholders have the responsibility of determining the correct methodology as it applies to the current need. Organizations must first identify the problem, and then decide on the appropriate methodology for implementation.
Many organizations may find themselves facing resistance when introducing a new product or service internally, and often go about an adoption in a reserve methodology. In the case of Intel, their approach was simple, start with a problem, not a solution. Many companies find themselves dazzled by the latest and greatest technology, and create requirements for a project that are more focused on the solution, rather than the problem itself. Project planning for the first method can be found to be more challenging when attempting to make a solution work while the problem or purpose is not well defined. The experts at Intel have found that first defining the problem, and then beginning with a smaller implementation can be a more successful process for obtaining organizational buy-in . “This incubator approach increases the probability of successfully achieving positive business results.” This approach of a proof of concept implementation that allows for collecting project learning and implementation improvement is called retrospective methodology. After implementation of this new methodology at Intel and collecting data for over a year, it resulted in standardization of key programs to include improved requirements engineering practices. The successes at Intel with retrospective methodology begin with a smaller implementation, multiple retrospectives during the pilot phase, and ended with a higher amount of organizational buy-in. (Lavell &...

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