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Fischer 1Sydney Fischer '17Writing 1010.07Mr. ClarkNovember 17, 2013.- Revised -Controversial ProsperityThe Keystone Pipeline System is a pipeline system that is currently transporting crude oil from Canada and the northern United States to refineries along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Enhancing this system will be the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline; a pipeline that will transport crude oil directly from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada to Steele City, Nebraska. This will be added to the existing system in order to make a more direct travel route and also so the oil is able to pass through storage tanks in Baker, Montana. The Canadian oil that will be transported via the Keystone XL is extracted from a region in northern Alberta, Canada called the oil sands. These plots of land consist of oil, sand, clay and bitumen that is compacted into a thick density. To just get only oil out of this mixture is a difficult process that the oil companies, both Canadian and international, are beginning to master. Despite the gains the industry has undergone to evolve their extraction methods, environmental concerns are still evoked by people in both USA and Canada. The Keystone XL Pipeline is therefore viewed in a negative perspective instead of the positive perspective that should be taken considering the economic boost it will unquestionably have for both the United States and Canada. Because of this economic boom that will occur, the Keystone XL Pipeline should be built.Throughout the years, United States and Canada have shared pipelines. There have been eight instances where pipelines have crossed the border: the Enbridge Pipelines, the Kinder Morgan Express pipelines, the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipelines, and the TransCanada Keystone pipeline. (Fuel Focus) Despite the different companies that own the pipelines, they all are meant to transport oil, and the majority of them transport crude oil. So why is the Keystone Pipeline XL project, another pipeline used to transport crude oil, taking so long to finalize and begin construction? It is because of the environmental issues that are a part of the project as well as skeptical concerns that have been a result of current pipelines. With the previous pipelines that have crossed the border, there are situations that have occurred that provide citizens with worry or complete negative thoughts when it comes to the Keystone pipeline system. For instance, there was a pipeline that was transporting crude oil that ruptured. This oil is very sticky and hard to clean up and has become a very lingering and expensive problem. The Keystone XL is going to be a very large pipeline and if it breaks in more than one place, then the environmental damage could be extreme. Although there have been few occasions where a pipeline has burst, there has not been a significant numbers of ruptures to hinder the pipeline productions from occurring.Another reason why it is taking so long for the President to sign off on the agreement is due to...

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1194 words - 5 pages O Canada! Our home of the Tar sands! True greedy love in thy government’s command. With sinking hearts we’d see it rise, the pipeline though no trees! It’s far and wide, O Keystone Pipeline, we are no match for thee. Our environment’s no longer free! O Keystone Pipeline you’ll be the death of me! This shocking parody of the Canadian national anthem, “O Canada”, provides a negative but factual insight of the disastrous effects that the

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