Khalida Brohi Ted Talk: “How I Work To Protect Women From Honor Killings” Essay

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Khalida Brohi is a women’s rights activist and entrepreneur who has founded the Sughar
Empowerment Society in Pakistan, which the word Sughar means “skilled and confident
woman.” She has witnessed an honor killing of her friend and hopes to end this endemic
violence against women by empowering women to take leadership roles whether it be in the
household or their community as well as the world. Kahlida Brohi’s vision in providing women a
better quality of life by empowering them socio-economically, intellectually, and emotionally
has been widely recognized. According to the MIT Media lab blog she has been named one of
Newsweek magazine’s 25 under 25 “100 Women Who Matter in Pakistan”, the “Woman of
Impact Award” by the Women in the World Foundation, Women Excellence Award by the
national Government of Pakistan, Young Champion Award from the University of Singapore,
and has been awarded the Unreasonable Institute Fellowship Award (“Media Lab Conversations
Series: Khalida Brohi”). The personal life experiences she has from Pakistan gives her an ability
to connect with the audience at a personal level, but also provides compelling reasons to support
her argument in this TED talk, “How I work to protect women from honor killings,” as to why
empowering women is where change starts if this violence is to end.
To help make her main argument she used the method of Pathos to appeal to the audience
in the beginning. Brohi’s speech started with her walking along the stage glancing at the attentive
audience speaking into a hands-free microphone reflecting on a few memories from her
childhood and the horrendous loss of her close friend at age 16 that fell victim to an honor
killing. Her warm sounding voice comes off very relaxed allowing for a much more personable
experience for the audience to connect well with. Brohi also had the ability to convey tone and
emotion accompanied by facial expressions really captured the significance of her informative
speech of how important awareness is needed, the access to education as well as support to truly
empower all women in order to protect against honor killings.
Additionally, Brohi strongly pointed out that, “A custom that kills did not make any sense
to me, and I knew I had to do something about it this time. I was not going to cry myself to sleep.
I was going to do something, anything, to stop it” (Brohi). She explained that her very first step
was campaigning online as well as conducting rallies in her own town to help gain support
to stop honor killings. Ultimately she did face opposition from her community since her
campaign threatened centuries old customs. Brohi stated they accused her of, “spreading un-
Islamic behavior” (Brohi). From that accusation she faced many death threats, her car was
stoned, and ultimately she had to hide herself by not speaking in public due to her brave
This did not break her determination in any way at...

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