Kick Ass Rhetorical Analysis: Extraordinary Beings With Normal Abilities

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“Every single comic fan has dreamed to be a superhero,” Mark Millar, creator of Kick-Ass comic states in his interview. Millar addresses the superhero fantasies that the intended audience of the superhero action comic and movie Kick-Ass sometimes marveled at (Multipleverses). Dave Lizewski, the main protagonist of Kick-Ass, has a similar dream to the comic’s audience; he also wants to become a superhero. Dave is an average comic lover that turns into a superhero without the qualities many of the iconic superheroes posses that follow the superhero conventions, such as “extraordinary power, skills and equipment” (Chopra). The audience is able to make more connections to Dave due to his realistic nature. Though Dave is a character with mundane abilities, he is still able to become a hero that helps others; he isn’t stop by his humanistic qualities. Aside from Dave’s inner ambition to be a hero due to the glamour created by his comics, he is also driven by his desire to help others. The passiveness of most characters in the story towards the violent filled world they live in forces not only Dave, but also Hit-Girl, and Big Daddy to break the ongoing cycle of indifference people have for each other. In an interview with Mathew Vaughn, the director of the Kick-Ass movie, he mentions, “In this society we live in, people don’t help each other anymore. There’s a time… a lot in the 60s, [that] if someone’s getting mugged, [others would] walk over and help” (Empire). By making Dave, Big Daddy, and Hit-Girl realistic character and distinctly different from the other characters and from the comic, Vaughn makes an ethical commentary through Kick-Ass that it doesn’t take extraordinary beings to assist others.
The realistic aspect of the film is made prevalent from the initial scene of the movie, with a man clad in a superhero costume standing heroically on top of a the tallest building. The audience is given a typical scene that a film, which follows the superhero conventions, may contain, films such as The Dark Knight (Wired). Though the film begins with a scene following a superhero genre convention, it is immediately undermined when the man clad in the superhero costume ultimately falls to his death. The scene is utilized to emphasize the point that the film isn’t another typical superhero movie, what happens in real life will occur in the movie. The man trying to be super instead of a hero is described as one with a history of mental instability. The film ridicules the idea of a superhero being one with superhuman powers. As Mathew Vaughn describe in his interview, Dave is “an every day kid, [a] peter parker and doesn’t get bitten by a spider” (Empire). Mathew Vaughn believes that a superhero can exist in real life and that it can be any person who’s extraordinary, not through the surface, but through the heroism of one’s self. The film emphasizes this point by making Dave, Big Daddy, and Hit-Girl, the three characters that displays the most heroism,...

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