Kicking Stress Out Of My Life

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Entering into the aerobics room, I see people stretching like a cat waking up from its morning nap. The instructor, a woman with nicely placed wrinkles, named Joanne, is beginning the first exercise. Everyone becomes excited like a child getting a birthday present, however, they knew it will be an intense workout, especially me. The music turns on and the sound of the bass cloaks the entire room. The first exercise commences, and my heart quickens to each thump in the music. The desire to punch and kick all of my stress fills me up like pouring a glass of water. Having this type of feeling shows that kickboxing has this power of relieving stress and I knew from then on that it would be a class that I would continue to take.
The sound of tapping on the floor was difficult to hear as the people were moving around like a line dance. The pace quickened and the instructor clenched her fist and thrust it to the side. She continues this one move, going left then right, however, she was nowhere near done yet. With her clenched fist, she punched up and continued to alternate with each arm. Following her motions, my biceps were starting to burn. The time felt like it was slowing down with every punch; I could only endure for so long before I stopped. Everyone else were feeling the burn too; their faces were crinkling up like a candy wrapper, with every upper cut. I thought that I could hear their heartbeat a mile away, because their heart rate was increasing by the second. As the music continued to play, I realized that this intense music that follows behind everyone’s punch creates a form of kickboxing.
Kickboxing has been around since the 1970s after karate practitioners found it frustrating that punches and kicks could not make direct contact with an opponent. This was how kickboxing came to life and different techniques were introduced into the karate world. The techniques that came to the fore front was blocking, uppercuts, kicking and punching. Once these were used in karate, it eventually turned into kickboxing and was no longer a competition but an intense workout, which increased your heart rate.
“Alright ladies, lets continue this workout by focusing on the bottom half of our body” Ms. Joanne yelled. The second round of kickboxing began as a new song filled the room. After, my short break, Ms. Joanne changed the moves in the midst of the punches and began shuffling from left to right. Everyone followed her new routine, looking like galloping horses on a race track. After this part people were starting to break a sweat. This exercise was starting to get to their core, but what would make this exercise even more brutal would be the kicks that would follow the punches. The instructor told everyone to kick to the front, side and back. Using the kicking technique can help tone the muscles in the legs.
In addition, punching and kicking are the main focus of kickboxing. It helps as a stress reliever, but at the same time can be straining on your...

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