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Kid Rock, Fuel, And Buckcherry Essay

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Kid Rock, Fuel, and Buckcherry

For my first critical essay, I have chosen to review my attendance and experience
at a rock concert. On Thursday January 18, at the Scottenstein Center in Columbus, I
attended the concert of the controversial Kid Rock. Other performers at the show
included rock bands Fuel and Buckcherry. Although there were only three bands that
preformed that night, I found another source of entertainment within the crowd of people;
the wild antics of the die hard fans. In my essay I will try and attempt to describe as
realistically as possible, my experience.
Prior to the concert I had been somewhat familiar with all three bands' music. I
was excited to attend the show, but I didn't know what to expect. I had always thought
of Kid Rock(the headliner) to be a punk/hard rock band. I had only attended alternative
concerts in my lifetime, so I had never had an experience like this. The other band,
Buckcherry, was also a hard rock band. Fuel, on the other hand, was more of an
alternative style band. Their music was more my style than the other two.
To begin the description of my experience, I arrived at the arena shortly before the
opening band appeared. At this time, there were not very many people in the audience.
Actually, I was wondering where all of the people were at. I had purchased General
Admission tickets, so my friends and I decided to grab a close spot near the stage. We
settled on a spot roughly ten feet from center stage. We later found this choice to be a
mistake. As I glanced around, I saw a large variation on audience members. I saw
everyone from children, teenagers, college students, and middle aged adults(who may
have been accompanying their children). I also noticed that no matter what their age was,
all seemed very excited for the show. I felt likewise. After about a twenty minute wait,
the first band took the stage. The first band was my favorite of the three, Fuel. Fuel made
a calm but cool appearance, and put on what I felt to be a great show. After they were
done, I thought that the eighteen dollars I spent to buy a ticket was already well worth it.
Fuel has many songs on the radio, so the fans sang along and seemed to have a good time.
I also found myself getting extremely into their performance at times, and screaming out
their lyrics in unison. After they exited the stage I heard a couple of nearby fans wishing
they had played longer. Overall, their performance was outstanding. As we waited for the
next band to take the stage, more people filtered into the arena. As more people arrived, I
found the noise level to jump also. The space in front of the stage that I was occupying,
seemed to get smaller and smaller as more people squeezed in. After another tedious wait,
Buckcherry arrived. Their entrance was a little bit louder and more fans seemed to get
into it this time. As they played, I realized their music to be very heavy and...

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