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Children's Defense Fund And Life Span Psychology

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Todays paper will be on the concept of improving family life through social programs. These programs have been based on research that has been conducted through lifespan psychology. One of these programs is the Children's Defense Fund and the Minnesota Family Investment Policy. I will focus on the Children's Defense Fund. My paper will include information on the program. I will then relate this program back to the principles of lifespan psychology. Lastly I will present research that has been conducted on the Children's Defense Fund and analyze the research.
The Children's Defense Fund is a non-profit child advocacy organization. They have worked the past 40 years to ensure that all children have a fair chance. The organization champions programs that help to aid children who live in poverty. They also encourage policies that protect them from abuse, ensure they have access to health care, a good education, and a moral foundation. The organization is funded through both corporate grants and individual donations. As a national organization they have the capacity to work not only at the federal but also at the local level. Their mission to ensure that no child is left behind. (“Children's Defense Fund About Us,” 2012)
Lifespan psychology looks at the developmental changes that we undergo from childhood and continuing into adulthood. The importance is the understanding that development occurs throughout a person's life. The life-span perspective views development as being a life long, multi directional, moldable, multidisciplinary, and contextual. As a process it involves growth, the understanding of loss, and maintenance. The focus on how we develop as human beings is crucial to understanding the importance of certain influences on that development. (Santrock, 2011)
With the current social programs the United States has made efforts in influencing the well being of children. This has been done on a local as well as a federal level. Developmental psychologists and other researchers have been examining the effects of these government policies. They have looked into methods to be able to aid families that are currently living in poverty. They have been also crucial in offering suggestions to help improve many of the government policies. The main goal is to be able to assist Americans who live at the poverty level in the United States. The influence behind this trend was life-span psychology and its research. (Santrock, 2011)
The Children's Defense Fund relates back to the principles of life-span principles with the focus on the importance of child development. The hope is that all children can be given a fair chance regardless of their social, cultural, or financial background. This ties into life-span since they are looking at the overall impact to the child if they are limited in their options. The importance of having enough food, and a safe home has an impact on the development of that child. The current trend within the US government to...

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