Children's Revenge This Paper Is About Childrens Behavior To Their Parents

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As we look around us, we see children displaying lack of respect for adults, immoral behavior and violence, as we scratch our heads saying, "What is wrong with young people today?" The answer to that question is simple; many parents live in fear of false accusations of abuse from their own children. Child abuse is a terrible crime and children do need to be protected. However, children often use laws that were intended to protect them from child abuse as a way to rebel against their parents.In one such case a 13 year-old boy attempted to leave the house after his mother had told him he could not; the mother took her son by the arm and put him in his room. From his bedroom, the son called the police and told them he was being abused. The police arrived at the mother's home and placed her under arrest for child abuse. After posting her bail, she was informed her son had been taken to social services, and she needed to pick him up. The mother was a little shocked by this request. She was just arrested for supposedly abusing her son, and now they wanted her to pick him up. Therefore, she informed the officer that she did not intend on picking him up. He informed her that if she did not pick up her son, she would be charged with child abandonment. If the laws are in place to protect the child, how is the child being protected by releasing him back in to his mothers care if she is abusing him? My own personal experience with false accusations of child abuse came from my 14-year-old daughter, who had been placed on restriction, informed her father and me, that if we tried to enforce this punishment, she would call the police and tell them she was being abused. Thinking this was just a threat and that the police would not take this kind of accusation seriously, we held our ground and enforced...

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