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Sports related injuries amongst children are high, but most of the injuries can be prevented. When children enter a sport their bodies need to be properly conditioned to endure the rigor of the sport. Also having the proper amount of rest time for injuries is crucial; children need time to fully heal before they are allowed to continue on with their sport. Majority of parents and coaches want to see young athletes be successful. Most young children are impressionable and often want to please the adults surrounding them, so it is prominent that the adults do not push the child too much. The safety of young children is prominent when it comes to their involvement in sports, and with a ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, attending conditioning should be a requirement for young athletes, so they are less likely to have a sports-related injury. Along with being properly conditioned allowing the proper amount of rest time for an injury to heal is important as well.
If an athlete does not allow their injury enough time to heal, then they are prone to more damage to their body. Insufficient rest after an injury contributes to overuse injuries among children. (National Center for Sports Safety). When a child athlete is taken out the sport they often will do and say anything to get back in the game, but it is the adults’ responsibility to make sure the young athlete is truly in good standing before he or she becomes active again. Some parents will argue, the coach is responsible for their children’s injuries and will decide when the athlete is ready to enter in the game. Parents have to assume control over their children. After the game and what that child does at home will determine the status of his or her injury. It is the job of the guardians of the children to make sure they get the proper rest and treatment they need in order to progress in the healing process. Resting time for an injury is crucial as well as the support they receive.
If a child has the appropriate motivation and support from those surrounding him or her, he or she is more likely to be successful. It is very beneficial for young athlete to have a support system. It gives the...

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