Kid See Things Differently: Is There A Solution?

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The human eye is virtually attracted to items that appeal. As humans we have grasp the knowledge of appeal, and use this method to persuade others to commit actions or contain a certain thought. With visual claims creators want to plant an image in a mind in order to leave an impact. One type of visual claim that is used to persuade people by mostly using pathos or emotional appeal is a public service announcement. The public service announcement from the Netherlands “Kids See Differently” was created to make a statement. This visual claim effectively displays the way young children see cleaning products, even though it fails to display a serious solution.
The visual claim is actually a tangible piece of work placed in the Netherlands, by the advertising agency Lenz, to show the perception of children when dealing with cleaning products. The visual was created because of multiple cases of household accidents caused by chemical products in the household that the children got hold of. The visual is set up like the bottom of a kitchen sink where there are assortments of colorful cleaning products that are assumed to attract a child. When the viewer turns at an angle they can see the colorful cleaning products turn into whimsical animals and toys that a child would be attracted to. Under the animals and toys, a caption reads “Kids See Things Differently” under that another caption reads “Prevent Accidents. Read the Labels.” The visual claim was not only created to show the perception of young children, but as a response to the detrimental results of chemical accidents.
Judging from the appearance of the visual claim, although whimsical and bright shows the seriousness of the issue at hand with child consumption or contact of chemicals. “In the Netherlands, approximately 7,000 accidents involving household chemicals occur each year. In most cases, the victims are children under the age of 5” (Lenz). This problem is 100 times worse in the U.S claiming about two million victims per year, “57 percent among children under the age of six.” (Children Act Fast...So Do Poisons!). Children do not understand what is food and what is poison, and it is the parent’s responsibility to assure the child’s safety, but how will they accomplish this? The visual’s obvious demographic are parents with young children, but the visual just tells the viewer to read labels on the products but fails to introduce where to store the items.
The creators were targeting ignorant parents who probably do not realize how dangerous the current placements of chemicals are in their household....

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