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Kidney Stones Essay

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The health concern in this study is the formation of kidney stones. This paper is directed towards those who have had kidney stones in the past and is specific to calcium stones only. This is the most common form of stone and therefore, will be relevant to the major of people affected by the condition. The information is focused on future kidney stone prevention.
The summary begins by explaining what kidney stones are in a language that will be understood by a lay-person. Kidney stones are hard pieces that form in the kidneys when mineral crystals in the urine stick together. The medical concern will depend on the size of the stone which can range from a grain of salt to the size of a golf ball which can be of great concern. If a stone is small, it might pass through the urinary system without the knowledge of the affected person. If the stone is larger, however, it can get stuck in the kidney or ureter and cause a high amount of pain and discomfort.
The summary explains some common symptoms associated with kidney stones which include sharp pain in the belly, back, side, or groin; nausea and vomiting; fever and chills; blood in the urine; the feeling of small particles in the urine; and pain during urination. Those who are at risk for the condition include those who do not drink enough water; those who are lacking in diet sources of calcium; those who frequently eat foods high in oxalate; those who frequently consume drinks and foods that are high in fructose; those who have family members that have suffered from the condition; and those who have had kidney stones in the past.
Treatments options are also discussed in this summary. Many kidney stones are able to “pass” or move through the urinary tract on their own. This can be a process which goes unnoticed, or one that is extremely painful. If a kidney stone is unable to pass through the system on its own, medical treatment is necessary. Treatment can be given in the form of medicine to dissolve the stones, shock-wave therapy to break up the...

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