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Kidney Transplantation Essay

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Persuasive essayJune 2, 2004Kidney TransplantationHow do you feel when you have waiting for something, you really need? What if it was something you could not live without? As member of the advisory board for the hospital, I had to make an emergency decision about choosing one of the three people on the waiting list for kidney transplant. Since there is only one kidney, the decision is difficult. After I reviewing every candidate, I decided to select Thomas Waller. Although Mr. Waller is 65 years old, he is a generous person. He has been donating his time and money to improve the community. Mr. Waller also promised that if he received the kidney, he and his wife will financially fund and support the community hospital.I believe with Mr. Waller's financial support, the community hospital would use his support for scientific researches and experiments. Scientific researches could help many patients suffer from kidney failure. For example, today, cloning gives new hope to many patients because embryonic stem cell research has led many scientists that they can use the cells to create new kidney. However, these processes need financial support to accomplish the creation of human organ. According to stem cell research, if you needed a kidney, doctors could take a hair and used the stem cells to produce a kidney. Using Mr. Waller's financial support, not only we could save his life right now, but we could save the life of many other patients in the future.The community hospital could use Mr. Waller's financial support to buy haemodialysis equipments. Haemodialysis equipments are used as artificial kidney for thousands of people who suffer from acute renal failure. These equipments help kidney failure patients to per long their lives until they receive perfect-match kidney.On the other hand, when I think about Karen Swoat, one of the candidates, to receive kidney transplants, I feel very sad about her and her children. Mss Swoat is a single mother with two children. She filling an important role in her children's life, especially we know that she is filling that role by herself. Mss. Swaot's husband had died on the job accident. Although Mrs. Swaot's children will be left without a mother, if she did not make it before she receives perfect-match for her kidney, we can use Mr. Waller's financial support to setup a truth funds for her children. As a result Mrs. Swaot's children will have...

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937 words - 4 pages ., & Golub, R.. (2011). Kidney Transplantation. JAMA, 305(6), 634. Retrieved May 12, 2011, from Research Library. (Document ID: 2275042271). 3) Zhang, Y., Cotter, D., & Thamer, M.. (2011). The Effect of Dialysis Chains on Mortality among Patients Receiving Hemodialysis. Health Services Research, 46(3), 747-767. Retrieved May 12, 2011, from Research Library. (Document ID: 2335834101).

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