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Kids Essay

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Observational taxonomy as it relates to the nature of early social interaction, is a classification system that uses a code of different behaviors that are seen when observing children during play and non-play and is further divided into cognitive and social categories.
Amongst the many theorists, Mildred Parten and Jean Piaget are significant to the field of early observational studies comprising of children in the free play atmosphere. Parten asserted that social participation amongst preschool aged children amplified as the child’s age increased (Parten 1932). To support her logic she categorized play into six distinct categories of social participation which include unoccupied behavior, solitary play, onlooker behavior, parallel play, associative play and cooperative play (Parten 1932). In particular, Parten designates solitary play as the child who plays away from other children at a distance of 3 feet or greater. For instance, this can be depicted through a scenario where there are a group of kids playing with a ball and a single child sitting away from this crowd is intermingling simply with a doll. Conversely, parallel play as emphasized by Parten is when a child plays self-sufficiently, yet comes within feet of the others while practicing a similar if not the same act. Furthermore, Parten describes group play as when children all play collectively for a mutual intent. By carefully studying and understanding these social play to a great extent, one can see that there is certainly an overlap between social and cognitive play. Parten observed that parallel play begin from 2 ½ to 3 ½ years and associative play from 3 ½ to 4 ½. Contrasting Parten, Piaget a cognitive theorist strongly proclaimed that play was based on the sensorimotor skills which states that children through physical interactions learn how things work, good and bad behaviors and the outcome of each (Piaget 1962). Piaget deconstructs his cognitive play into five levels .He begins the list by labeling functional play as wherein the child gets pleasure or satisfaction from the physical sensation of building a wall of blocks and knocking it down or simply jumping, running and climbing; constructive play involves using objects to create something (Piaget 1962). These precise meanings make it possible for one to come to the conclusion that both constructive and functional play are very analogous given the fact that they involve playing with objects, nevertheless diverge in that functional play seeks to gain enjoyment or excitement from physical sensation and constructive play focuses on the purpose of construction (Piaget 1962). In addition, Piaget views exploration play as in the event of the child visually observing an object for the purpose of visually learning about the physical properties of the object; dramatic play is a kind of play where the child is involve in pretend role play , and games-with-rules play there are prearrange rules associated with the game( Piaget...

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