The Different Effects Violence Community And Within Families Has On Children

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In this article researchers explores the different effects violence throughout the community and within families has on children. According to the article children are the most vulnerable to violence whether it is witnessing or experiencing it first hand. Violent actions can disrupt cognitive, behavioral, social, and emotional functions. This article tells of the rate at which children are exposed to violence, effects of exposure to violence: both long term and short term, and developmental process.
This review article included a variety of research strategies and with different researchers. One of the research studies included short term effects of exposure to violence. According to the article, “Children who are exposed to violence of any kind may exhibit behavior disorders such as aggression and delinquency; emotional and mood disorders such as depression and anxiety; posttraumatic stress; symptoms such as exaggerated startle, nightmares, and flashbacks; health related problems and somatic symptoms such as sleep disturbances; and academic and cognitive problems” (Margolin and Gordis 153). These effects tend to be labeled as short term effects because children normally grow out of them. For example, children usually display academic and behavioral problems in school because of violent exposure (normally video games) within the home. But with age comes maturity and the child who once acted up in school because of such exposure grows out of it, resulting in short term effects. When the acts of violence or exposure to becomes more critical; such as physical abuse within the home between both spouses children may suffer from long term effects. A 20 year study conducted but Ehrensaft et al concludes, “Children who were exposed to violence between their parents subsequently were more likely to perpetrate violence against an adult partner and to be...

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