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Kids & Divorce Essay

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The sounds of tears and yelling is what I would hear from my room most nights “Im so sick and tired of you always putting work before the family” is what I would hear mum yelling “Well what would make you happy then” dad would say. Mum and dad always fought as all couples do, but more so after my baby brother was born. Whenever they had a problem they would fight and then everything would be okay in a few hours or so, but it seemed like this time things were different. I was always very mature for my age and understood a lot more than what mum and dad thought I knew, yes they had issues that they needed to work on, but I never thought that they would get a divorce, I always thought that my ...view middle of the document...

As I walked towards the door, I started crying and mum rushed over to me, “Is it my fault that you and dad aren’t living together” I said, “of course not none of this is anyones fault and especially not yours” mum replied. For a while we just sat on the cold tiled floors and she held me in her arms tightly, as the tears on my face began to roll down my cheeks.

The following day my baby brother and I were going to see my dad for the first time in weeks, things were beginning to get a little easier, but their was always part of me hoping that things would go back to the way they were, when things were simpler and we were a happy family. The drive their was sicking I felt so on edge, walking toward the door mum holding my baby brother in her arms and me clenching her hand so tightly she knocked on the door. Ma opened the door and mum hugged and kissed her hello, she put my brother down beside me and we said goodbye, although I was going to see her later I always hated saying goodbye it made me feel a little sad inside and my brother always cried when he saw mum leaving. He didn’t understand why mum had to leave and all this back and forth between two homes. But I knew in time we would eventually would get used to it. “Ma” I said, “Where’s dad?”, “He’s in the back room” she replied My brother was holding my hand and we walked towards the door and slowly turned the doorknob, as soon as we saw dad we ran towards him and hugged him and it was a feeling indescribable when I saw him, I missed not having dad around, it was really good to see him. That...

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