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What exactly is "too much of a good thing"? Greg Crister provides in his essay entitled this just why children are so overweight and how these obesity problems should be dealt with. He tries to explain that children should be taught not to eat in such large amounts because the rate of obesity is rapidly growing. It is something that should be intervened in order to keep children all over the world healthy and at a normal weight. However, it should not be looked over that Crister never seems to prove what he says, that children don't always listen better than adults do to nutritional advice and also that heredity and exercise play a major role in being overweight. Studies are showing that children in many countries, including the US, are eating too much food. Over the past thirty years the obesity rate in kids under the age of 19 has shot up by almost half. Specialists are spending millions to treat this, making the "battle against HIV/AIDS seem inexpensive" (Crister 462). It is just a touchy subject for some parents to talk to their kids about their weight because they may be too afraid to address it. It gives them the feeling that the youth will end up with an eating disorder because they feel like they are letting their parents down by eating at the table.Children shouldn't be put down for being large; however, criticizing has proven helpful concerning other issues such as smoking and unprotected sex, so maybe it will be just as effective in helping obese children. Many reports have been published that advise letting kids eat as much as they want because "they know when they are full" (Crister 462), but now the studies are saying the reverse. Children are going to keep eating whether they are full or not. The first several years of life is when they should be taught to eat better because it is when they learn the best. Smaller amounts of food should be served at the table and talks about nutritional value should be acted upon.It's also stated that kids will also listen to nutritional lectures better than adults will. In a study made on young kids, many who had been offered the proper advice proved to be less overweight or not overweight at all. Trying to help kids while they are still young is also encouraged because dieting is not bad for children, they just develop a better nutritional intake than others. Not only are the parents worried about their children's growth patterns, but they also feel it is against their beliefs to supervise what and how much their kids take in each day. Looking at a country such as France makes many other countries look bad. France is a place that food is a huge part of every day. They can keep their figures...

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