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While we are the same human, there are two different states of life which are tremendously different. They are kids and adults. Some kids complain about many things in life but, they need to know that adults are the ones who rule everything. Adults are the ones who work for everything that kids get. Kids are the ones that have to listen to what the adults say. Are there many similarities between them? I don't think so. I think there are may differences between kids and adults. There are differences between the responsibility level, living spaces, activities/ free time, rules, etc.
One of the main differences between kids and adult is the responsibility. I think this might be the most important because all of the categories that I am going to talk about, fall under, or have something to do with responsibility. These days there are many news reports about drunk adults assaulting others, raping people, or murdering people. These adults get sentenced years or sometimes forever in ...view middle of the document...

Normally if you are an adult you live in a house or an apartment by yourself or with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You also live without your parents in the house when you become an adult. You have to be responsible in order to be trusted to live in a house alone. As an adult you should know how to survive in a house by yourself. You should know how to cook, clean and pay bills by yourself. As a kid you should be watching what the adults do so that when you become and adult, you will want to know what to do in order to survive by yourself. If you do not watch what adults do, or you do not try to learn what adults do, then when you get older and start having to cook, or doing other things in the house alone, you will not know how to do it.
The activities between kids and adults are different as well. Kids should have more activities to do, like school or any sports or clubs. Adults should have a full-time job with maybe some kind activity. When you are a kid you need to learn and get an education, then go to a club or activity and have fun. It is important to have fun when you are a kid. As you get older, towards the age of an adult you start seeing what you like to do and you start focusing on that. As an adult you go out to get a job, so that you can buy things that you or someone younger than you can get. This might not be what an adult wants to do, but they have to do it, in order to put food in their mouths, clothes on their body and a roof over their head.
Rules are far different between kids and adults. When I was younger, I was told that kids have to listen to most things that adults have to say because they make the rules. Kids are the ones who follow through with the rules that are made. Adults are the ones that make up the rules. This is all because of leadership. Adults know what they are doing so they get to get control over the kids. It may seem unfair, but it is life. Kids don’t have to do many things except go to school. School may seem hard for kids when they are younger, but when they grow up and see that they have to get a job and learn to fend for themselves, they are going to wish they either tried harder in school, or followed the rules that their parents gave them.
At the end of the day, adults are the people who make this society run. This is the main difference between kids and adults.

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