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Kill Bill, A Roaring Rampage Of Marketing

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Kill Bill, A Roaring Rampage of Marketing

Billboards, Broadsheets, Tabloids, Magazines, Television, Busses,
Trains, Subways, and posters on the electricity boxes down the dual
carriageway all created the hype, anticipation, and publicity for Kill
Bill. Kill Bill wasn't what this hype was for it was for the return of
the Tarantino, who returned after six years with a small film with big
bill-boards and double sheet ads in broadsheet papers. Every bus
station along the main road has a mini billboard and over half of
these are filled with a bright yet subtle yellow, black bold writing,
Uma Thurman in Bruce Lee's outfit holding a samurai sword, and the big
showdown 'Directed by Quentin Tarantino'.

Most entertainment magazines have a few pages dedicated to the film,
every other bus driving along the high street will have the yellow and
black insignia of Kill Bill. Most websites used by adults will have
advertisements and affiliates of Kill Bill. Every interest and every
corner the target audience's look is a place targeted by the
marketers, as a suitable location to hit the viewer in the face either
with a free DVD or a influencing ad for them to hype up Kill Bill by
the word of mouth. The real fanatics create his/her own website. The
ads are preposterously plastered everywhere and anywhere there is an
indication of attention from the audience.

It has been determined that films are not discovered, they are
familiarised by the marketers, but the marketers of this film have
taken familiarisation one step further and smacked the audience about
the face with intense posters. The ads are directly aimed at the
target market. Although the film is rated '18' the special DVD is
rated '15' this is merely because the marketers know that a younger
audience will want to see the film and that the cinema film will not
pass 15, so if the DVD is 15 there will be profit from the younger
audience. This is why there are fewer ads in the younger public sector
such as tabloids and magazines and other adolescent areas of
advertisement to attract the younger audience to achieve maximum
possible profit and to make the acquainted with all audiences.

There are two main reasons why this film is what it is; it's because
of firstly the million-dollar advertising spent on the film and the
superior reputation of Quentin Tarantino known to be detailed violent
and exceptional in making a film a cult success.

The first type of marketing, a tangible and noticeable way, is how
Miramax (the production company) has used every possible type of
marketing in their reach. Trains, Busses, free soundtracks, bright
colours that cannot be ignored; it's practically pushing itself onto
us. Everywhere you look or listen you will encounter something to do
with Kill Bill. It is like...

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