Kill Cultures For Being More Global!

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Kill Cultures for Being More Global!
Everybody knows what is going on the other parts of the world with the development of technology. What people wear, eat, read, study; how people behave is not allien anymore for the others. ‘Globalization’ may be defined as owning the same qualifications with the others, in that sense. A simple person; wears what the other ones wear, eats what the other ones eat, behaves how the other ones behave. Within the outcomes of globalization, the differences will not be welcomed by the others. Being different would not be acceptable by global norms. The cultural elements are dying day by day for the sake of being ‘the same’. Therefore, globalization may be ...view middle of the document...

The most demanded object is money, and to earn that all people have to be a part of the global culture. In other respects, in people’s daily life, same practices, symbols are started to be used. To be more efficeient in time, less time wasting practices are being used. For instance, everybody uses their own car when they commute. All around the world, people believe in that time is money. This is another outcome of globalization, too.
Secondly, globalization is responsible for the extinction of some cultural elements. Firstly, same languages are dying out becuse of the subordination of the superiour ones. As Gannon(2008) stated: ‘While languages are dying, the major languages groups –English, Chinese, Spanish and so on- are strengthening, partly because of the growth of the global population.’ The lingua-franca is English in our globe. With it’s entegration on the other languages, others started to change rapidly and wil disappear in the end. Furthermore, thanks to commication technologies, the street languages are scattering. What we observe in our daily lives from streets are only the reflections of Western and American cultures. Secondly, within the new fashions in eating culture, people started to eat same products. The opening of global restaurants have cused the high demand of same things. As Turner claimed: ‘Most generally, globalization is an important corrective to more general linear models of modernity. As a result, it may well be the ease that Mcdonaldization ahs reached its economic and cultural limits (2003, p.137)’. Lastly,demanding the global culture makes the other cultures out of picture. Especially Eastern values are getting disappeared. For example, people used to visit their families in religious holidays. However in recent years people go touristic places in holidays.
Some say that...

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