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Kill Or Be Killed Essay

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“Children, you call them? They can pull a trigger just as well as veterans …” (Colonel Marcus Cullen, War Hammer 40,000). People should question the world in which they live when a child is forced to become a soldier. Especially when the children are under the age of 18, they should not be required to fight. Many children who are demanded to fight are taken from their families. These young adolescents are mistreated; malnurtured, abused and the girls are usually used for sexual purposes.
Everyday a child, from the regions in Africa, is recruited or abducted from their family to fight in an army. Children who are drafted to fight usually do not have parents and are older (The Situation). Some volunteer for income, food, or because they are pressured into combat (The Situation). Those who are taken from their homes or families happen to be in a war zone, misplaced or are poor (The Situation). The children who are homeless, and know the generals are out for them end up hiding and running for their lives throughout the night. Families and children hide from the captors underneath schools, churches and cellars (Steel). Parents are forced to tell where their children are hidden, if not they are tortured and even killed (Steel). After being abducted the children are then enforced to march to camp, anyone who attempts to escape is killed (Steel). As soon as these children are captured they are immediately trained to fight.
To transform these children into killers, there are many tactics used. Training was an extremely difficult time for most children because they had to learn to not be emotionally attached after slaughtering men and women. Many times a child was required to kill members of their village or even family (Steel). These kids are ordered to raid a village and kill at least two people; this will ready them for reality battles (Parry). After a training kill, superiors told the child to drink the blood, or eat the brain of the victim, “It will make you stronger (Wessell).” Those who refused to do a training task were punished, beaten, tortured or killed (Steel). The children are trained for two brutal months, and then are set out for combat. Hence the cruel training, war was not much...

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