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Killer Beds: The Dangers Of Tanning Beds

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Looking for a warm glow? More than 1 million Americans choose to tan indoors each day. However, many of these people are unaware of just how dangerous tanning is even though they are warned about the effects frequently. Recent studies have shown that there are more cases of skin cancer linked with tanning than there are cases of lung cancer linked with smoking.
Tanning is a fast way to get darker skin. Farker skin is desirable for a number of reasons. People just want to be different. Society encourages people to buy products that they think they need. Bleaches are also available for people who want lighter skin. Specifically people other than Caucasians. There was a time when being ...view middle of the document...

3 million teenagers. Teens tan for a number of reasons. They have time on their hands and have the desire to improve their looks and be rebellious. Teens have been proven to care more about their looks than people at other ages. Since tanning can be frowned upon, it is a way for teens to be rebellious. Smoking is another thing teens do to be disobedient and daring.
You have a lot of options when you choose to tan. There are different kinds of beds. Standing beds and laying beds. In either bed, long skinny cylinder shaped light bulbs go from top to bottom of the inside bed. There is a layer of plastic on the top and bottom of the opening of the bed. When you lay or stand in the bed, you remove your clothing (some people wear swimsuits) you close the door and wait while a timer measures how long you have to tan. You wear protective goggles so that the bright lights don’t harm your eyes. You stand or lay in the bed for a set amount of time depending on your skin type and tannin experience and wait. Times go from 10-20 minutes. A lot of beds have fans that you can turn on so that you don’t get too hot or feel uncomfortable. A law was recently made to prevent people from tanning more than once every 24 hours . However, many people have found ways around this.
A woman named Samantha, featured on an episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction, tans three times a day at three separate tanning salons. She tans indoors for a total of one hour a day. She also tans outdoors at any given opportunity. Samantha loves being tan, she says that she never wants to stop tanning. When warned about the early aging caused by tanning, Samantha stated that, “That’s why there’s botox.”
Obviously Samantha isn’t aware of just how dangerous tanning can be. Here is an interesting fact: “It doesn’t take a sunburn – tan skin is damaged skin”

Accelerators like tanning lotion and oil are available to you at tanning salons. They contain oils that help you absorb more ultraviolet rays. Since these rays can be dangerous, absorbing more can make tanning more dangerous.
There are different kinds of UV rays that can affect you. UVA rays are the most common and least dangerous kind of rays. They make up 95% of the rays that reach the Earth’s surface. UVB rays are the ones that redden skin and cause sunburns. UVB rays are very harmful and damage the top layers of your skin. You are prone to these rays from 10 am to 4 pm and during April through October. While UVA rays are not as harmful as...

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