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Killer Whales Essay

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The Orca is irrefutably one of the most fascinating animals in the ocean. Killer whales, or Orca, are aquatic mammals which live in almost every ocean on Earth. Their black and white color pattern makes them one of the most easily recognized animals on Earth, and their intelligence and strength makes them apex predators. Though the killer whale sounds like an aggressive animal, Orcas are very social and are very sensible in what they kill.

Though the common name of the Orca is “killer whale” or “orca whale”, the orca is not in fact a whale. The orca is actually the largest member of the dolphin family; therefore the term “killer whale” is a bit misleading. The scientific name of the Orca ...view middle of the document...

How they do it brings forth a whole new aspect of their behavior. Orcas have learned that by turning a Great White upside down leaves the shark in a sort of shock rendering it almost helpless. From there the orca devours the shark. This shows how intelligent orcas are in their killing and in general.

The killer whales are the apex predators of the ocean and therefore do not have any natural predators. Though Orcas do not have any predators, humans have hunted and captured them. When whale hunting was legal, fishermen killed Orcas for oil, and in modern times a few Orcas are captured by humans at a young age and put into captivity for exhibitions.

Orcas live their entire life in the water, and perform all of their daily duties in the water. On occasion Orcas do swim onto shores of beaches to hunt for seal.

Killer whales rarely interact with other organisms for they are much feared. The organisms it does interact with is mainly used for food or training. Some mothers teach their children how to hunt by allowing the calf to kill prey. Orcas however are very social within their own...

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