The Killing Fields, An Injustice Essay

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We live in a world where deaths of celebrities and government officials take front page news, and are supported by fundraisers, and memorials in the memory of these people. Not to mention the countless internet posts about them. Two million innocent people were tortured and killed in cold blood just as digital cameras were becoming a part of our everyday life. This is too recent to forget about the wrongdoings that these people were put through by their dictator, Pol Pot. This genocide shows some similarities to the South African Apartheid that segregated races for the belief that one race was superior to the others. During the Genocide of 2 million Cambodian citizens in 1975, many civil liberties were violated through no fault of their own. They were taken away from their homes, separated by their family and segregated in order to create the perfect race of Cambodians , with no care for the well being of the general people. During this “year zero” the goals were to isolate Cambodia, purify it of western society, capitalism, and religious diversity. This destroyed any ethnic diversity, and cultural identity, which violates many civil rights on its own. The mass relocation of the Cambodian population from their families and homes violated their civil liberties. This is because as a citizen of a country you trust your leaders to provide you with freedom, not take everything you worked for away. This is morally wrong and made the lives of these people very difficult.
“The country's entire population was forced to relocate to the agricultural labor camps, the so-called "killing fields". Inmates lived in primitive conditions. Families were separated.”
This sentence plainly illustrates some of the wrongdoings that these people were put through.
“I was 8 years old when the Khmer Rouge reigned. During the war, I've witnessed many horrible sights. Dead, swelled, naked body floating down the river where we bathe and drink. I remember body in a bag floating down the river. On one occasion, I found a human bone in the river while I was searching for clams. I saw people committing suicide by hanging. It was a choice of killing themselves or killed by the Khmer Rouge. Many people simply felt that it was better to end their lives sooner than to be suffering. The terror and dreadfulness of the Regime was only beginning. The people were to endure over 3 years of the nightmare.”
There are many accounts of the trials these people endured, in journals which have been adapted to history textbooks. Facts cannot show the pain these people endured daily. This journal written by someone who was actually there talks about what these people went through everyday. Death became so common they were almost numb to it.
People were dying everywhere, because they had nothing that made life living, and it was less painful to end their own life then to live under the rule of the Khmer Rouge.
This also destroyed all the cultural identity that was passed down from family to...

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