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Leo 1Isdael LeoDr. PiferFYS-1100-0910 October 2014"The Tiger's Bride" Angela Carter: Was Beauty the Human?In "The Tiger's Bride" by Angela Carter, the author shows an objectification of women. In this version of Beauty and the Beast, the father carelessly gambles away the heroine in a game of cards after losing all other possessions. After that opening scene, the reader is aware that the protagonist is seen as an object that can be bought and sold for her owner's pleasure and advantage. Throughout the novel, the reader can see that the heroine herself feels objectified. An analysis of the story shows more objectification of the heroine.Initially, the theme of objectification is seen when the heroine is compared to the soubrette. The soubrette is a toy-like doll that is given to her as a gift. She powders the cheeks of the soubrette so that it resembles even more of a doll. The heroin goes on to say "That clockwork girl who powdered my cheeks for me; had I not been allotted only the same kind of imitative life amongst men that the doll-maker had given her" (Carter 62)? Carter uses the soubrette as a symbol of society's view of femininity. The Femininity is a shallow and vain view of society about females. Another illustration is the soubrette that needs someone to wind her up so that she can perform her tasks. This shows that women are unable to think and act for themselves. After the protagonist realizes the objectification, she says that she no longer resembles the soubrette. To go against this stereotype, she plans to send the soubrette home in her place.Following this further, the protagonist continues to be objectified by being forced to act like a perfect person. The Beast himself even gives into the stereotype which society is trying to force him into. Since the beast is not perfect, he makes a mask to resemble the perfect man, and the heroine hates it. In order to fit in, the Beast feels that the protagonist should act the same just to fit into the mold of society. The heroine feels that she cannot live up to the perfect image that the Beast is trying to force her into. She shows that she will not conform by throwing away the Beast's gifts. The protagonist, "On a bed of crimson velvet lay a single diamond earring, perfect as a tear. I snapped the box shut...

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