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Killing The Flesh Essay

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The principles revealed in this book are inspired truths geared towards teaching you from a biblical standpoint, on how to kill (crucify, mortify) the flesh. As we have learned, the flesh is represented as the carnal mind; it is the Adamic nature, or the old man in its unregenerate state. The carnal, worldly way of thinking separates the person from the spiritual things that consist of God.

If one is to truly succeed and reap the benefits of eternal life, they must realize that it can only be achieved through the grace of God, by acknowledging and repenting of their sins. By a repentant heart, the promise of eternal life is given unto everyone who conforms to God’s will and obeys the commandments of His written Word. To be a partaker of the benefits God has prepared for the righteous; the fleshly, carnal ways that consist of the unregenerate nature of man must cease. After the unregenerate nature is subdued and mortified the person now qualifies (has a legal right) to take on the attributes of God.

Once you have brought the flesh under subjection and have killed the carnal appetites for worldly things, you must not remain void or dormant. By not investing into your spirit, the principle life and truth of God’s Word, spiritual complications and setbacks will occur, ultimately resulting into spiritual death in God. In order to prevent this from happening, there must be a balance of implementing things that are needed to help you grow spiritually in the Lord. By taking on the mind of Christ Jesus, your ways will please the Father and not the flesh. In summary, possessing the mind of the Lord means that His thoughts are your thoughts and...

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