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Killing Time In Carter County. Essay

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As they lay in wait, as if hunting for a deer, they are all thinking about the circumstances that have brought them to this point. How could they stand by as their family was being killed off, one by one, like vermin? Is it not a matter of honor? How could they call themselves a man if they do not defend what is theirs? They all know the only thing to do is to kill the Underwood's, before they get killed themselves. After all the county authorities could not, or better yet would not help. Justice is in their hands, along with their firearms and they know it is time for this feud to come to an end.Most of us have grown up hearing of the Hatfield-McCoy feud; most of us look at this event as a freak occurrence. An event such as a feud could only happen in a backward part of the country, where the rule of law does not exist, and a place where inbred families are ruled by the iron fist of their patriarchs. Men sit on their front porches waiting to see an interloper to shoot without remorse. These backward hillbillies have no respect for human life, how could they without a proper education, and other refinements that those who live in the city are so accustomed to.The truth is that feuding was not a freak occurrence; it occurred quite a bit during the last half of the nineteenth century. The reasons for the feuding, however, are not as cut and dried as many believe. Just as most occurrences with people, there is not one simple reason for their actions, but a complex set of events. Circumstances that occur to make a person or persons react in a given way. This paper will delve into a feud in Carter County, Kentucky involving the Underwood's and other locals. After reading this paper you will have a good idea of the area and people involved, no longer will they be cardboard cutouts of history, but real people who took part in history. These were people like us, who do to the circumstances of the time, were drawn into battle with their own neighbors.Appalachia after the Civil War is a place like no other. In most of the area the war divided neighbors, some siding with the Union, others with the Confederacy. In this part of the country, unlike perhaps what most believe, the issue was not slavery. Most mountaineers had never even seen a black person before. Most people were led to believe that the feuding in the area after the war was a continuation of the war. Even some scholarly reports would lead one to believe such things. Even before the war a person's political beliefs would sometimes cause bloodshed, their own or others. It was common practice after a local political meeting in the county for the young men on opposing sides to later meet and decide who was right by the power of might."George W. Underwood moved from Virginia and settled in western Carter County sometime in the 1840s, probably around 1847." George Underwood was a formidable man of size and stature as well as beliefs. Upon moving to Flat Fork he built a rather substantial house later...

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