Kim Jong Il: Great Leader Or Destructive Dictator

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In North Korea life was incredibly different, and is still different, from life in America. The residents of North Korea live in extreme poverty, while Kim Jong Il and any member of Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea live as if they were kings; their meals filled with delicacies the citizens of North Korea can only dream of. Although it’s found strange to most in "normal" society, Kim Jong Il is revered as a God, because it is he who gave them all the “luxuries” in North Korea. When in actuality, he is the sole culprit of North Korea’s extreme poverty.
Now, Kim Jong Il wasn’t always the ruthless dictator that so many around the world know of, he was a harmless child like all of us ...view middle of the document...

As the young future dictator grew up, his life was far from normal, he was rarely allowed into the public eye, having few photos taken of him as a child. Seeing Kim Jong Il and the rest of his siblings was a prize only allowed to top officials due to the intense secrecy the "royalty" of North Korea enjoy keeping. Throughout his whole life, Kim Jong Il was shrouded in the same secrecy that all of the North Korean first family faced, however at the young age of eight, for just a brief moment Kim Jong Il and his sibling were given extreme attention by the masses of North Korea when Kim Jong Suk, the First Lady, died in "child birth." There are many stories surrounding the death of the notorious Great Leader's mother, the official story of the North Korean family line is that she died due to the hardships she faced during her years as a guerilla fighter against the Japanese. The more popular belief however, is that due to her family's secret 'Pro-Japanese' mentality, she was shot to death, using her Anti-Japanese façade as a clever cover up to increase the anti-Japanese mentality most Koreans had. From the beginning of his life, despite having relative "luxury" was filled with emotional trauma and only further distancing the future dictator from all possible mercy he could have given as the next Great Leader of North Korea.

National records state Kim Jong Il finished his general education between the years of 1950 to 1960 in the capital city of North Korea Pyongyang, however more likely from a scholarly point of view, he completed his early education in the People's Republic of China where his family was taking refuge during the Korean war. It is also stated during his family's refuge in China, he sprouted and interest in politics and began studying them as well as involving himself in them. When attending middle school, he was involved in a Children's Union organization that taught about Marxism as well as communism. He was also noted to have been a part of multiple "country benefitting" classes in high school, such as agriculture, mechanics and even music. To end his basic academic career, Kim Jong Il graduated from his middle school in 1960 and promptly enrolled in university; majoring in Marxist political economy and minoring in military sciences. Also during his time in university, he also accompanied his father on multiple field tours in North Korea's many provinces.

Kim Jong Il joined the Worker's Party his father created in July of 1961, much to the surprise of other Korean higher up's. During this time, the Party stated to have their own ideology, slowly distancing themselves from the Soviet Union in 1956. However in the late 1960's came the rise of the "Cultive Personality", enforcing a policy in which all of the residents of North Korea begin adoring their Great Leader with burning loyalty. This behavior is incredibly similar to Russia under the control of Stalin, slightly bringing North Korea back into the ideology that is the Soviet...

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