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What is a feminist? What is sexuality? What can or can’t a woman do, that will not destroy her image? Those questions have been asked by many feminists, anti- feminists and scholars. Throughout time women have been criticized for their actions. Kimberly Kardashian, has been criticized since she entered the industry. Society has a different take on her actions, she can be “Read” in various ways, and she also can be seen as the negative aspect of women in today’s society.
Kimberly Kardashian entered the entertainment industry, because a sex tape leaked, that she made with her ex-boyfriend. Many people believe that she or he leaked the sex tape themselves. Kim had the most to gain from leaking the tape. She was highly distraught when the tape was leaked, but yet she profited a great deal of money from it. Because of that many people view her as a slut or a whore. Having to deal with those titles probably has made it quite difficult for her to advance her career. It seems as if she isn’t trying to break out the “whore” image either. The Carl Jr.’s commercial is not in any way breaking from the “whore” image. In many other instances she continues to play into the “whore” image. She also can be viewed in a distasteful manner in the Sketcher’s Shape Up commercial as well. It seems as if she knows that particular image, is what will make her money. But yet and still she tries to act as if, she doesn’t like the way she is portrayed.
In a W Magazine spread Kim posed nude for the cover, but when the cover was released she had a problem with it. She felt she was misled, and she assumed “the presentation of her breasts and nipples, believing they would be more adequately covered come publication” (Young). It seems as if she attempted to play the naïve role, how could she have been misled, when she knew what posing nude entailed? Considering the way she entered the entertainment industry she should have known that sex sells. ‘Using her attractiveness, and her sexual and social capital as tools, Kim has made herself both a career and fame by winning the attention of men…” (Wade) , which makes her attempt at playing the victim useless and does nothing but make women, in general dislike her even more. Her actions make it very difficult for women to overcome the stereotype of being “uninhibited” or “jezebels’
The commercial can be read in different manners. The general female consensus is that she is using her feminine wiles, to attract the men to buy the salad. When the female psyche is generally examined, it is discovered that most are jealous or afraid of what Kim represents. She represents what they can or should be, in women’s minds. A great deal of women strive to be like Kim. Some women also view her as a makeshift “role model”, based on her fashion choices and the men she dates. Society has put that pressure on women, maybe not even knowing so. She makes women feel as if they are inferior, or that she is the symbol of beauty. Her looks have...

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