Kinder Surprises Banned In The Us Due To Choking Hazard

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I lived in a border-town, Baudette, when I was young. The Canadian border was no more than ten minutes away. Whenever I visited my grandmother, who lives in Rainy River, my sisters and I would go to the grocery store and get a certain chocolate. On Easter and other special events I would get the same chocolate. I assumed I could get my favorite chocolate anywhere. As a child you don’t think about whether the government allows chocolate in the States or not. These treats aren’t your grainy Hershey or deceitful Creme Eggs, these chocolates are siblings to Ferrero Rochers. They are delicious chocolates named “Kinder Surprise.” And I am full of surprise finding out my childhood candy is illegal ...view middle of the document...

Adults are apparently keen on not allowing joy to small children anymore either.
Let me add I lived in Baudette until I was seven, meaning I enjoyed Kinder Eggs for a good three years (or more, I’m no genius in exact memory). Kinder Surprises not only have a warning label, but Austin writes Kinder Eggs are the “same size as a normal hen’s egg.” This means to shove an entire Kinder Egg in a three-year-olds mouth is quite the task. Some speculate children could get their hands on the chocolate with no adult supervision. The only way a toddler could is by nonchalantly stealing it off shelves near the check-out counter while the parent is paying for groceries. Even then, you would notice a Kinder Egg in a child’s small hand and be able to stop them from eating it.
The warning label even states:
Warning: toy not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts might be swallowed or inhaled. Adult Supervision recommended.
It’s not like Ferrero, the company which produces the chocolate, is trying to make Kinder Surprise mean “Surprise! Choke to death.” Ferrero makes the candy specifically for children and is intent on making it safe to eat for the little rascals (Ferrero). If you still think it’s unsafe to allow a kid to eat a Kinder Egg on his or her own, then supervise him or her. That is what parents are for, to assure safety for their child. And if adults are too blind to pay attention to the print on the packaging, then it’s their fault their child is choking on candy -- not Ferrero’s.
Also, Marsico writes “at the time of this recall, there had been no reports of any injuries from the eggs.” The government recalled 5,000 Kinder Eggs to “prevent from the possibility of injury to children under three years of age (CPSC).” They recalled chocolate on an assumption, and for some reason a warning label of exactly why they recalled them wouldn’t suffice.
I acknowledge the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938 means well, I do. Apparently in Marisco’s article “Food and drug regulations exist for the very important reason of protecting Americans from ingesting items that could harm them.” But, I know Kinder Eggs are not a threat to the well-being of American children. I mean, you get chocolate and a toy in...

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