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Kindness: A Personal Experience Essay

750 words - 3 pages

When I was eighteen, I believed that everyone was the same. I thought that all people were basically selfish and never really helped strangers. ( I know that is really cynical- especially for someone so young.) It was a hot July day when I finally understood that sometimes people can surprise you with kindness that is pure and help others just for the sake of doing what is right. This lesson was further shown to me with the heroic and kind acts of U.S. citizens during and after the 9/11 attacks. However, this event took place a week before the collapse of the World Trade Center. I finally learned that there are kind individuals in this world- and they are not only on T.V. Most of them are regular people who never do anything extraordinary, but they change peoples lives all the same. It was a beautiful summer day and I was stuck at home watching cable. My brother Jason was just as bored. We had both graduated high school two months earlier and college started in a few weeks. (I was going to MSU) Our parents were very strict, and we lived fifteen miles from town. My mom had just bought my first car, but I wasn't allowed to drive it very much. So, when my brother said, "Let's take a road trip," it sounded like a good idea. We talked about going to New Orleans, but finally decided to go to Texas. Jason had met a girl named Laci on a cruise the year before, and he talked on the phone with her every week. He called her and asked if we could stay at her house a few days and see Texas. She said that would be fine, so we packed a few things and left. We made it to Texas and had a great week. My car was running fine until we started back for Mississippi. In Louisiana, the engine was running hot and smoking. We pulled over; my brother believed that the fan had quit...

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