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Kindness And Lasting Happiness Essay

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Psychology’s history is a relatively rough one and has only recently been considered a science. According to Martin Seligman (2000), negative psychology is psychology that deals with recovery and healing, using the disease model. This type of psychology has been popular in America since the end of World War II because of grants given to the industry during that time (Seligman, 2000). That time period left positive psychology, the psychology of developing ones skill and wellbeing and perfecting what is already there, overlooked and forgotten. But what psychologist have recently recognized is that positive psychology can be just as useful as negative psychology but it is a vastly under developed area. Thus many scientists have embraced the new frontier of positive psychology. I did a study on the subject of positive psychology. I took two life experiences, one that I found personal pleasure in, and another that wasn’t as fun at the time but benefited others and compared and contrasted the resulting feelings of happiness.
Finding some “me centered” activity was not hard for me to do, but I finally settled on spending time with my boyfriend, David. I chose to do this because I spend much more time with David than with my other friends and often feel guilty for doing so. But it is definitely one guilty pleasure I can’t see myself limiting. On Saturday February the 1st David and I went to breakfast at our favorite restaurant in Dallas, went hiking, and then took naps. It was a perfect day is my mind, doing all my favorite things. Although it was enjoyable at the time, that feeling quickly ended when I got home and back to the reality of homework. It was fun while it lasted and left me with some beautiful memories but was one of the more fleeting pleasures. One lasting positive effect the day had on me was the reduction of my stress. Mike Rudin in his article “The Science of Happiness” (2006) says “Just as stress can trigger ill health, it is thought that friendship and happiness can have a protective effect”. I can be completely myself around David, it is relaxing to forget about my...

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