Types Of Energy, And Energy Resources.

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[Energy resources]:The 2 broad typesPros and Cons of each typeWays in which they are harnessedThere two main types of energy these are:1. Potential energy2. Kinetic energyPotential energyPotential energy is energy stored due to position. The following are some example in which potential energy can be found.1. Wound-up springWhen a spring of a dock work toy car unwinds, the stored energy in the spring drives the wheels and the car moves. The wound-up spring is said to posse potential energy.2. A raised objectAn object raised to a height above the Earth's surface posse potential energy due to its position. Other objects possessing potential energy include;3. Cultputt with a stone4. An arrow pulled on the bow5. MagnetsKinetic energyThis is the energy possessed by a moving body.Example include the following:1. A moving carWhen a car is moving it is said to posses kinetic energy. This energy depends on the moving.2. When a boulder on a top of a hill is hurled down its energy changes from potential energy to kinetic energy.Energy resourcesEnergy resources are stores of convertible energy. These resources are divided into two groups:Non renewable resources which include fossil fuels (e.g. coal, oil and gas) and nuclear fuels.Renewable resources, which include wind, tidal, geothermal, and hydroelectric power.Non renewable sourcesAre used in thermal power stations to produce heat energy that turns water into steam. The steam drives turbines and in turn drives the generators that produce electrical energy.Fossil fuelsCoal, oil and natural gas are all called fossil fuels because they are fossilized remains of plants and animals that live million of years ago. Burning fossil fuels release chemicals that cause acid rain, and its gradually increasing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing global warming.OilLargest energy source. Future use will depend on shift from growing to declining supply.CoalThe most plentiful fossil fuel. Coal use is growing, intensifying problems of acid rain and carbon dioxide.Natural gasLikely to replace oil...

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1666 words - 7 pages The UK has a constantly increasing energy demand; rising population in the UK and, since industrial revolution in 19th century, technological advances have rendered older “fuel-less” technologies obsolete. Where the UK sources its own energy from is becoming increasingly significant as indigenous energy reserves diminish, not to mention the implications of “peak oil” of worldwide resources. Figure 1 UK Energy Demand Variation 1970-2001 (DTI

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3509 words - 14 pages , Oil, and Gas. Geothermal energy is heat energy that comes from inside the earth. The resources that come from geothermal energy have a very wide range. It can range from the shallow ground. Hot rocks & water are included in this. The hot water and rocks are found just a few miles beneath the surface of the earth. When you go down deeper and deeper is when you reach the extremely high temperatures and pressure. The molten rock down there is called

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1150 words - 5 pages The energy that is used today comes from fossil fuels, which is a nonrenewable limited resource that will eventually be used up. Alternative energy sources such as solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and wind energies can be used, to conserve the planets limited natural resources. Alternative energy is the use of another energy without the burning of fossil fuels and break up on atoms. Solar energy can be used to operate cars and provide

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1979 words - 8 pages Future Energy Resources: hydropower Hydropower is a renewable energy source that transforms the kinetic energy in running water into usable electricity. The energy generated from hydropower plants can be used to power homes, businesses and factories. Globally the use of hydropower has increased rapidly between the years 2003 and 2009, and has continued to increase from 2009 to 2010. By 2010 use of hydropower reached a record of 3427 terawatt

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1977 words - 8 pages ago the figures were reverse. Fossil fuel provides only 5% of energy while the animals and humans supplied 94% of it (Grubb et. al., 2006). This extensive usage of fossil fuel seriously endangers the environment of our planet. Everyone is desperately trying to devise such energy resources that can not only save the planet from plunging deep into the pit of destruction and catastrophe but also will be more feasible economically. It has been

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2586 words - 10 pages Energy Efficiency and Sustaining Resources For the Future Do Americans or human beings as a whole need to be more energy cautious? I think we need to become better educated and make knowledgeable decisions in how we use our energy and at what rate in which we use it. The brutal truth of the matter is that our resources of energy we are using are not going to last forever. In the United States we consumed 94,231 trillion Btu during

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1498 words - 6 pages The Effect of Fossil Fuels on Biodiversity & Alternative Energy ResourcesFossil fuels are hydrocarbon deposits derived from the remains of ancient plants and animals under enormous amounts of heat and pressure. Oil, or petroleum, is one of the most common fossil fuels utilized by people all over the world on a daily basis. Crude oil is a smelly, yellow-black, viscous liquid composed of mostly nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur, which is found in

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1061 words - 4 pages and Failures of the Energy Superpower.” Russia in Global Affairs, 6(2). Deutch, John and James Schlesinger, eds. (2006). “The Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency.” Council on Foreign Relations. Medvedev, A. (2008). “Gazprom and European Energy Security.” International Affairs, 54(3). Moran, D & Russell, J. (eds.) (2008). Energy Security and Global Politics: The Militarization of Resource Management. New York: Routledge. Youngquest, W. (1998). “Alternative energy Resources- Myths and Realities”, Electronic Green Journal, 1(9), pp. 1 – 10.

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1485 words - 6 pages Energy Distribution It is commonly known that natural resources are not distributed evenly around the world. As a result, energy is not distributed evenly around the world. In the present climate of the global economy, the distribution of energy presents conflicts between growing industry and already established industry. As a result, countries such as China, which are beginning to consume more resources, are turning to former methods of

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1860 words - 7 pages China (Hengyun 2009, 10). This essay will describe biomass and hydro energy functions in China, and then it will compare and contrast hydro energy and biomass energy functions using the criteria of availability of resources, ecological effects, costs, and efficiency to choose the most suitable for future development of China and suggest the most suitable solution is hydro power. Role and meanings of these energy types in China As mentioned by

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1536 words - 6 pages "AN OVERVIEW OF THE CURRENT AND FUTURE IMPORTANCE OF OIL IN THE WORLD IN TERMS OF ENERGY AND RESOURCES"PART 1Crude Oil, 'Black Gold' as it is popularly known is perhaps the single most important source of energy that is finite and will soon run out. The main sources of this oil are the wells of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Canada, USA, Kuwait, and so on. Fossilized remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago, were subjected to

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1509 words - 6 pages Petroleum and geothermal energy are both things we use every day. We have based our lives on them and other resources like them. Petroleum is one of the world’s primary sources of fuel for transportation. In its natural form, petroleum is a flammable yellow to black mixture. It is not man made it occurs naturally in the earth’s surface. It is also known as crude oil. ("What is petroleum," 2008) Petroleum can be both mined and drilled

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1186 words - 5 pages Non-Depletable Energy Resources Today, much of the world’s energy comes from the processing of fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal. These fossil fuels, however, will not last forever. Fossil fuel supplies are slowly but surely dwindling in numbers and one day we will run out. We need to find different ways to generate energy. Another reason to find different ways to generate energy is that the burning and processing