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Types Of Stress Essay

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Stress is not something to be avoided. Everyone feels stressed from time to time and it depends on people that may feel stress in different ways. Not all stress is bad but it depends on how peoples take it. The words “stress” is something all of us have experienced but it seems that there are many different definitions used by psychologist, medics, management consultants or others. Psychologists describe stress as “demands of life” which pointed out as “stressors” and stress is the cause of the worn out tissue of our body (Meenakshisundaram, 2012, p.101). Stress can be divided into four types which are eustress, acute stress, episodic acute stress and chronic stress (illustrated in Figure 1).
The first type of stress is eustress which is a positive stress. Positive stress may enhance the good feelings of stressors. According to Meenakshisundaram (2012), eustress is an interesting stress and keep us more essential. Indeed, this type of stress can energize, motivate and raise stressors up in difficulties instead of improve their health. For example, events such as getting married, having a child may increase the motivation of the stressors to the pleasureable.
Acute stress is the second types of stress. In contrast, acute stress can comes quickly and disappears quickly. The stressors who suffer acute stress “can either be positive (Eustress) or more distressing” (Meenakshisundaram, 2012, p.101). Normally, type of stress can be felt throughout everyone’s life such as in financial problems, the death of a loved one, academic problems and the break up of a relationship.
The third, type of stress is episodic acute stress. Unlike eustress and acute stress, episodic acute stress is more severe type of acute stress. This type of stress is more difficult to verify. Meenakshisundaram (2012) states that the stressors who suffer from episodic acute stress are very negative people which always have negative thinking in anything or feel like everyone is after them.
Chronic stress is the last type of stress. Compared to eustress, acute stress and episodic acute stress, the person who suffering chronic stress may not feel as intense or simply said that it can distrupt their life for long period and turns to “burnout”. “Burnout” can be defined as a “syndrome wherein person breaks down physically and emotionally due to continuous over work load over a long period of time” (Meenakshisundaram, 2012, p.101). For instance, losing a mother to breast cancer can cause a long term stress. After the death, one may struggle to balance the process of emotions such as loneliness, anger, guilt and others.
The classifications of sources of stress can be divided into two broad categories which are organizational stress and individual stress (Meenakshisundaram, 2012). Organizational stress can be defined as “work-related social psychological stress” (Shirom, 1982, p. 21). The concept of organizational stress is an interaction between the employee and the work environment to which...

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